A PIO’s Proactive Approach To Public Information Enhances Credibility In Messaging. Proactivity Occurs During…

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Question: A PIO’s Proactive Approach To Public Information Enhances Credibility In Messaging. Proactivity Occurs During

Answer: A PIO’s proactive approach to public information enhances credibility in messaging. Proactivity occurs during downtime when working an emergency.

This question is a part of FEMA IS-29.A Answers.

Broad Description

A Public Information Officer’s (PIO) proactive approach to public information indeed enhances credibility in messaging. Being proactive means anticipating information needs and preparing for them in advance. This often occurs during downtime when working an emergency, but it should also be part of the overall strategy.

Proactivity includes activities such as:

  1. Developing key messages in advance: Even before an incident occurs, the PIO can develop key messages about potential risks, preparedness steps, and response plans. This allows for quick, consistent messaging when an incident does occur.
  2. Building relationships with the media and community: A PIO should develop relationships with journalists, community leaders, and other stakeholders. This can help to ensure that when an incident occurs, these relationships are already in place and communication can happen more smoothly.
  3. Training and exercising: Regular training and exercises can help to ensure that the PIO and other members of the organization are ready to respond effectively when an incident occurs. This could include media training, mock press conferences, or tabletop exercises.
  4. Monitoring and understanding the information environment: A PIO should be aware of current news trends, community concerns, and potential misinformation or rumors. This can help to inform messaging and anticipate information needs.

By being proactive, a PIO can help to ensure that the public receives timely, accurate, and consistent information during an emergency, which can enhance credibility and trust.

Source: FEMA – Public Information Officer Awareness

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