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What Should A Sailboat Operator Do When Approaching A PWC Head-on?

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What should a sailboat operator do when approaching a PWC head-on?


A sailboat operator should maintain its current speed and its current course, while the PWC should maneuver to avoid the sailboat as the sailboat lacks maneuverability. A sailboat operator should maintain its current speed and its current course.

Approaching another boat at sea is like approaching an unmarked intersection on the road. When you reach a cross-section, you must follow certain guidelines. To avoid a collision, you must adhere to basic regulations.

It’s vital to know what to expect when you cross paths with another ship. There are rules in place while on the water that must be followed by each vessel. Unfortunately, many boat operators are unaware of the laws. You may get yourself into trouble if you do not follow the regulations.

It’s critical for a PWC to follow the same navigation rules as motorboats or any other power-driven boat when encountering another PWC. Collisions are the most common cause of death in a PWC.

When a PWC and a motorboat are on a collision course, both boats should maneuver to the starboard side and go through a typical traffic route (Pass on the other vessel’s portside.)

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