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Boat Test 101 Answers

Front of the boat
Back of the boat
Left side of a vessel
Right side of a vessel
To one side of the boat
Towards the stern (back) of the ship
The widest part of the boat
The bottom inside of the hull
piece of metal or wood which ropes are fastened on ships.
Surface above blige where people walk
Distance between bottom of the hull and waterline which determines the minimum water depth a vessel can safely navigate
Direction toward the bow of the vessel
Distance from water to lowest point of the deck where water could come on board
the upper edge of the side of a boat or ship
the hollow, lowermost portion of a ship, floating partially submerged and supporting the remainder of the ship
Main centerline (backbone) of a vessel or the extension of hull that increases stability in the water, prevents wind from tipping the vessel over
Pleasure craft
A water-based vehicle that is used exclusively for pleasure and is not used to generate profit or public service
Power-driven vehicle
Any vessel propelled by machinery
Lights for navigation at night; green light is starboard, red is port side light
Vertical surface at the back of the hull (stern)
V shaped turbulence expelled behind a vessel from forward motion
A line on the hull that indicates the maximum height at which the water can safely be in relation to the boat. The water will be touching this line when the boat is at maximum gross load capacity
Drinking alcohol before or while operating a vessel:
Slows your judgement and reaction time
In Florida it is illegal to operate any vessel at a speed that:
Endangers the life and/or property of another person
Who must wear a life jacket while on a personal watercraft (PWC)?
All of the above
Which action may cause the loss of steering ability in a PWC?
Letting off the throttle control
It is illegal for anyone under ___ to rent a PWC in Florida
According to Florida law, what must be aboard a vessel?
Whistle or horn
What must a livery instruct its renters on?
All of the above
The following are ways to be a courteous personal watercraft operator EXCEPT:
Circle around boats with people fishing from them
Florida law prohibits anyone under the age of ___ from operating a personal watercraft (PWC):
Any person born on or after January 1, 1988, who operates a vessel with a motor of 10 horsepower or more must have one of the following:
Proof of boating safety education
Since they are relatively small and fast, personal watercraft are:
difficult to see on the water
Children under ___ years of age must wear a life jacket while on a boat less than 26 feet in length while underway.
How does alcohol use affect boat operators or passengers?
Physical reactions become slower
What is the primary cause of boating fatalities?
Falling overboard and drowning
The engine cutoff switch lanyard is important for the operator to wear because:
It is required by law for all personal watercraft operators
The Florida Boater Education Temporary Certificate is valid for 12 months from the date of the test and must be carried on board the vessel along with your:
Photo identification
The purpose of the safety lanyard on a vessel is to:
Shut off the engine if the operator falls overboard
Which of the following is an example of safe personal watercraft operation?
Keeping a safe distance away from other vessels
Which is a common first indicator of bad weather approaching?
A buildup of dark clouds
The following are examples of “reckless operation” EXCEPT?
Operating a PWC in the rain
Two vessels (A and B) are operating too close to each other and collide. The operator of vessel A should:
Help the injured person and report the incident
When you are in a speed zone posted as “slow speed, minimum wake,” your vessel should:
Be completely settled in the water
When crossing paths, what is the give-way vessel’s responsibility?
Slow down or change course
What do the red and green markers indicate?
The edge of a safe channel
When you see a red flag with a white diagonal stripe (divers down flag), you must:
*Slow to idle speed if you must come within 100 feet of the flag in a channel
*Go no faster than idle speed when operating within 300 feet of the flag in open water

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