Bitlife Boating Test Answers

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BitLife is a popular life simulation game where you can live any life you choose. From birth to death, every decision you make in the game affects the life course of your character, known as a Bitizen. Your Bitizen can pursue different career paths, build relationships, engage in various activities, and much more – all within the world of BitLife.

In BitLife, licenses play a critical role, especially when it comes to transportation. Similar to real life, your Bitizen cannot legally operate certain vehicles without the appropriate license. Acquiring these licenses allows your Bitizen to experience more of what BitLife has to offer, from driving a car to piloting a plane, and even sailing a boat.

This brings us to the boating license, a relatively new feature in BitLife. To explore the open seas, go fishing, or participate in other water-based activities, your Bitizen will need a boating license. Much like in the real world, getting this license involves passing a test.

Steps to Acquire a Boating License in BitLife

In BitLife, getting a boating license is similar to obtaining any other license in the game. It involves a series of steps that you must follow. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help your Bitizen get their boating license:

Steps to Acquire a Boating License in BitLife
  1. Locate the License Option: Start by opening BitLife and accessing your Bitizen’s life. Navigate to the activities tab and scroll down to find the option for licenses.
  2. Apply for a Boating License: Under the licenses tab, you will find an option to apply for a boating license. Click on this option to initiate the process of obtaining the license.
  3. Take the Boating License Test: Once you’ve selected the boating license option, your Bitizen will be required to take a test. This test is similar to the driver’s test in BitLife, wherein you’re asked a series of questions related to boating.
  4. Pass the Test: To successfully obtain the boating license, your Bitizen must answer all the questions correctly on the test. If you pass, your Bitizen will be granted a boating license and will be able to purchase and use boats.

The boating license test in BitLife is designed to mimic real-world boating exams, testing your knowledge of maritime symbols, safety procedures, and boating regulations. But fear not, the next section of this guide will provide all the answers you need to pass this test with flying colors.

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Bitlife Boating Test Answers

The boating license test in BitLife consists of a variety of questions related to boating rules, regulations, and terminology. Here are the questions you might encounter during the test, along with their correct answers:

  1. What does this flag mean? (image of a circle and square): Distress
  2. What is the name for this side of the boat (arrow pointing to the front): Bow
  3. What is the name for this side of the boat (arrow pointing to the left of the boat): Port
  4. What does this marker signify? (Image of a gas tank): No Combustion Vessels
  5. Which is the required type of fire extinguisher for standard naval vessels?: B-1
  6. What does the 10 MAX km/hr image signify?: Speed Limit
  7. What does the Swim Area image signify?: Exclusion Area
  8. What is the name for this side of the boat (arrow pointing to the back of the boat): Stern
  9. What is the minimum required number of flares you should have on your vessel?: Three
  10. Which vessel should give way in this scenario? (Two boats on the left and right of each other): Left Vessel
  11. What is the minimum distance you should keep between Vessels?: 30 meters
  12. From what side of the vessel should you never anchor?: Stern Side
  13. What does this flag mean? (image of a red square with a white line through it): Diver
  14. What does the max 7.5 kW marker signify?: Engine Power
  15. What is the most important thing to consider when putting on a Person Floatation Device?: Size and Fit
  16. Which vessel should give way in this scenario? (Two boats facing each other): Submissive Vessel
  17. What does the slow marker mean?: Controlled Area
  18. Which Vessel should give way in this scenario? (image of a small boat to the left and a big boat to the right): Power Vessel
  19. On what side of the vessel should you pass this red marker?: Starboard Side
  20. On what side of the vessel should you pass this Green marker?: Port Side
  21. What kind of buoy is this? (image of a yellow buoy): Anchorage Buoy
  22. What kind of buoy is this? (image of an orange and grey buoy): Moorning Buoy

These questions and answers should help you pass the boating test in BitLife without any trouble. Keep this guide handy, and soon your Bitizen will be sailing the high seas with their new boating license​.

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