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Which EOC Configuration Allows Personnel To Function In The Eoc With Minimal Preparation Or Startup Time?

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Which EOC configuration allows personnel to function in the EOC with minimal preparation or startup time?

A. Incident Support Model (ISM) structure

B. Strategic Joint Command Structure

C. Departmental Structure

D. ICS or ICS-like EOC structure


The Departmental Structure allows personnel to function in the EOC with minimal preparation or startup time. The EOC is organized into functional areas, each with its own section chief. The section chiefs report to the EOC Manager, who has broad authority over the entire facility.

The Departmental Structure provides for a clear chain of command and ensures that all personnel knows their roles and responsibilities in an emergency situation. It also allows for flexibility in how the EOC is staffed, as personnel can be reassigned to different tasks as needed.

The Departmental Structure is an important part of the overall emergency management plan for any organization. It ensures that the EOC is able to function effectively in an emergency situation and that all personnel are aware of their roles and responsibilities.

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