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The Ice Cream Report Achieve 3000 Answers

Activity Answers

what is this article about?the history relating to a holiday known as April fool’s day
this article would be most useful as a source for a student research project on _.the possible origins of April fool’s day
which is the closest antonym for the word gullible, as it is used in the article?suspicious
which of these is a statement of fact? In the 16th century, people in some parts of the world stopped using the Julian calendar and started using thecalendar
The author probably wrote this article in order to __.explain the history of a holiday for pranksters, in part by pulling a prank on the reader
which two words are the closest synonyms?pranks and gags
which passage from the article best supports the idea that April fool’s day traditions have changed over time?in the 18th century, April fool’s day kicked into high gear in England, and pranking people was decidedly a part of the fun. in Scotland, it became a two-day event. on the first day, the Scots sent each other out on ridiculous errands.
based on the article, the reader can predict that __.many people around the world will be fooled by pranks when April fool’s day rooks around again.

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