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Speare, Elizabeth George
AR Quiz No. 13 EN

Daniel, an 18-year-old Israeli, has an intense hatred towards the Romans who killed his father. However, after listening to Jesus, he realizes that love is the solution to his problems.

ATOS Book Level:5.0
Interest Level:Middle Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Points:10.0
Word Count:68215
Topic – Subtopic:Award Winners-Newbery Medal; Countries/Regions-Israel;

Quiz Answers

What did the large freed slave do after Daniel removed his shackles?He bent to lay his forehead against Daniel’s foot.
What news did Simon have for Daniel when he sought him out of the mountains?Amalek was dead, and Daniel could return to the village.
In Capernaum, Daniel was pursued by Romans after he—threw water into a Roman’s face.
What events led eventually to the crucifixion of Daniel’s father and uncle?His uncle did not have the money for the tax collector.
How did Leah make the move from her house to Simon’s house?She was carried in a litter the carpenter brought.
The day after Thacia gave Leah the green griddle, Daniel bought Leah a—length of smooth blue cotton.
Leah asked over and over again to hear the story about how—Jesus helped Jairus’s dying daughter.
What did Rosh do with the first information Joel provided him?He robbed five of the wealthiest houses in one night.
Who saved Daniel during the attempt to rescue Joel?Samson
What happened at the end after Daniel was filled with peace?Daniel invited Marcus into the house.
Why would the men have hooted to see Joel wash his hands before a meal?Daniel quit observing the strict Jewish law of hand washing when he moved to the mountain. The men in the mountains lived rough, dirty lives.
JesusTraveling, preacher, Savior, God’s son, Holy, healer, helps Daniel


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