A Wrinkle in Time AR Test Answers

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L’Engle, Madeleine
AR Quiz No. 150 EN

Meg Murry and her family are unexpectedly visited by a strange being from another time and dimension.

ATOS Book Level:4.7
Interest Level:Middle Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Points:7.0
Word Count:49965
Series:Time Quintet;

Quiz Answers

Who is the main character?Margaret Murry
Why are they traveling through space?To rescue Margaret’s father
What is the name of Meg’s dog?Fortinbras
When does the plot begin?When Mrs. Whatsit comes to Meg’s house
Why is Calvin so popular?Because he is an athlete
Who was the intruder?Mrs. Who
Who is the principal of Meg’s school?Mr. Jenkins
What imprisoned Mr. Murray?A transparent column
Mrs. _______________ never left earthBuncombe
At different points in the book, the children name Mrs. Whatsit all of these things except:A shadow
What’s Meg’s strongest subject in school?Math
Mrs. Whatsit compares life to a:Sonnet
The oldest character is:Mrs. Which
What kind of food does the man with red eyes feed the children?Turkey
Where was Mr. Murray trying to tesser to when he inadvertently landed on Camazotz?Mars
What do the beasts on Ixchel use to communicate?Their numerous tentacles
Which character is most vulnerable to the danger of tessering through the black things?Meg
A Wrinkle in Time belongs to what literary genre/s?Science fiction, fantasy, young-adult fiction
What is Meg’s little brother’s name?Charles Wallace
All of the characters are associated with light and goodness except?The man with the red eyes


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