The Horrible, Miserable Middle Ages: The Disgusting Details About Life During Medieval Times AR Test Answers

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Allen, Kathy
AR Quiz No. 134637 EN

This book delves into the unsavory particulars of everyday existence during the Middle Ages, covering topics such as housing, food, and sanitation in graphic detail.

ATOS Book Level:5.2
Interest Level:Middle Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Points:0.5
Word Count:2342
Series:Fact Finders; Disgusting History;

Quiz Answers

Why wasn’t it easy for the peasants to wash off the filth when they worked a long, hard day?
There was no running water to wash off the filth.

How often did most peasants bathe?
Once a week at most.

What did some people think caused cavities?

Who were the gong farmers?
Men who cleaned out cesspits.

How did people get the Plague?
From fleas that had feasted on wild rats

What is scurvy?
A deadly disease caused by a lack of vitamin C

What is a moat?
A deep, water-filled trench built around the outside of a castle to prevent attacks.

What would medical doctors use to “suck blood from patients”?

What was another name for the Plague?
Black Death

What are “trenchers”?
Stale pieces of bread that soaked up grease and juices.


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