City of Bones AR Test Answers

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Clare, Cassandra
AR Quiz No. 114414 EN

When her mother vanishes, and she becomes the target of a near-fatal attack, 15-year-old Clary is thrust into a peculiar universe where she can perceive demons and the Shadowhunters who strive to banish them to their realm. The storyline includes depictions of sexual situations.

ATOS Book Level:5.0
Interest Level:Upper Grades (UG 9-12)
AR Points:20.0
Word Count:130949
Topic – Subtopic:Award Winners-YALSA Top Ten; Horror/Thriller-Monsters; Mysteries-Supernatural;
Series:Mortal Instruments;

Quiz Answers

What did Jocelyn decide after Clary was late getting back from Pandemonium?The tarot card that was part of a deck she has given Dorothea.
When Clary spoke to Jace during Eric’s poetry reading, he told her that..?He was supposed to bring her to the institute to talk to Hodge.
How did Clary kill the Ravener demon that attacked her in the apartment?She jammed Jace’s Sensor between its teeth.
When Clary and Jace returned to her apartment, they found…?A Forsaken that attacked them.
Where did Clary and Jace end up when they went through Dorothea’s Portal?Outside Luke’s house.
After telling Clary about the Circle of Raziel, Hodge revealed that…?Clary’s mother had been married to Valentine.
Why did Brother Jeremiah decide that Clary had to go to Bone City?He was unable to reach her memories due to a block in her mind.
Clary was told that the only way to undo the block in her mind was by…?Having Magnus Bane, the person who put it there, remove it.
To help Clary fall asleep, Jace told her a story about a boy who…?Tamed a wild falcon only to have his father kill it to teach him a lesson.
What happened to Simon at Magnus’s party?He was taken by a vampire after something he drank turned him into a rat.
What did Raphael do for Clary and Jace in the alley behind the vampire lair?He showed them a way into the building.
In the vampire lair, Jace said “Now this is a situation” after…?A pack of werewolves broke in through the windows.
What did Jace do for Clary for her birthday?Showed her a plant that bloomed at midnight and gave her a witch light.
Clary figured out that her mother had hidden the Mortal cup in a…?Tarot card that was part of a deck she has given Dorothea.
How was Abbadon, the Greater Demon of Dorothea’s, defeated?It vanished after Simon shot an arrow at a skylight and let in the sunlight.
Hodge gave Valentine the Mortal cup in exchange for his promise to…?Remove the curse that kept Hodge from leaving the Institute.
What had Valentine done after Luke became a werewolf?Gave Luke a dagger and told him to end his own life.
When Clary found Jace in Valentine’s lair, she discovered that..?Jace was Valentine’s son and her brother.
What happened after Valentine went through the Portal to Idris?He shattered the mirror so that no one could follow him.
When Clary visited Jace in the greenhouse, she asked him if he would..?She, Clary, and Luke were going to the farmhouse for the rest of the summer


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