Little Women AR Test Answers

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Alcott, Louisa May
AR Quiz No. 66727 EN

The story follows the four March sisters, Meg, Jo, Amy, and Beth, as they experience both happiness and hardships while growing up into young women.

ATOS Book Level:7.4
Interest Level:Middle Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Points:15.0
Word Count:88213
Topic – Subtopic:Classics-Classics; Life Experiences-Growing Up; People-Family; People-Siblings;
Series:Charming Classics;

Quiz Answers

What did Marmee ask her girls to give the Hummels as a Christmas present?the girls’ own breakfast
After Mr. March lost his property, Jo helped provide for her family buy —.becoming a companion for Aunt March
Amy bore several blows to her palm after Mr. Davis found out that —.she had pickled limes in her desk
What disturbing thing did Meg overhear at Annie Moffat’s “small party”?Mrs. Moffat thought Mrs. March planned for one of the girls to marry Laurie.
When the girls took a week off from their chores, they learned that —.having regular hours for work and play made life useful and pleasant
Laurie told the girls that his favorite “castle in the air” was —.settling in Germany and becoming a famous musician with no business worries
What contribution did Jo make toward helping her ill father?She sold her hair for money.
What prank did Laurie play on Meg that greatly upset her?He pretended to be John Brooke and wrote love notes to her.
What had Aunt March said would happen if Meg married Brooke?Meg wouldn’t receive a cent of Aunt March’s money.
When Jo won a prize for writing a story, she used the money to —.send Beth and Marmee to the seaside for a vacation
Why didn’t Aunt Carrol ask Jo to join her on her trip abroad?Jo had acted with blunt manners and an independent spirit at a recent visit.
What was a reason Jo wanted to go to New York and work for Mrs. Kirke?She though Laurie was becoming too fond of her.
Why did Jo stop writing magazine stories for which she earned good money?Mr. Bhaer pointed out what a harmful influence the stories were.
Why did Amy want to wear the ring Aunt March had given her?to remind her not to be selfish
According to Amy, why would she marry Fred?She hated poverty and wouldn’t bear it longer than necessary.


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