A Christmas Carol (Unabridged) AR Test Answers

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Dickens, Charles
AR Quiz No. 44702 EN

Charles Dickens’ renowned tale, “A Christmas Carol,” depicts the transformation of Ebenezer Scrooge as three ghosts visit him and learns the genuine significance of Christmas.

ATOS Book Level:6.7
Interest Level:Middle Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Points:5.0
Word Count:28448
Topic – Subtopic:Behavior-Forgiveness; Behavior-Greed/Selfishness; Classics-Classics; Holidays-Christmas; Mysteries-Hauntings/Ghosts; What Kids Are Reading, 2021-Grade 7: Top 20 Fiction/Nonfiction Books;
Series:Usborne Illustrated Originals;

Quiz Answers

What was the purpose of the “portly gentlemen’s” visit to Scrooge?To ask him for a donation.
What did Scrooge do after sending Turkey to the Cratchits?He used his torch to restore their good humor (make them happy) when it dampened.
What did Scrooge do after sending the Turkey to the Cratchits?He sat down in his chair and chuckled until he cried.
According to Marley, why do spirits walk the earth?Those who hadn’t walked among their fellow men in life had to after death.
When Scrooge saw himself as a boy, he wished he had…Given something to the boy who sang at his door the night before.
What reason did the young girl who Scrooge wanted to marry give for breaking up with Scrooge?He was a different man than the one with whom she had made a contract.
The mood became darker on the Cratchits’ party after…Bob insisted on proposing a toast to Mr. Scrooge.
The ghost of Christmas Present let Scrooge stay while his nephew was playing a game of…When the poor party goers (revelers) passed the ghost of Christmas Present, what did he do?
Beside the Phantom at a beetling shop, Scrooge watched in horror as…Several people bartered and sold his things.
Scrooge gave Bob Cratchitt a raise after…Bob was late for work the day after Christmas.


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