Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream AR Test Answers

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Bissinger, H.G.
AR Quiz No. 6037 EN

The book centers around the town of Odessa, Texas, and delves into the culture of high school football.

ATOS Book Level:8.0
Interest Level:Upper Grades (UG 9-12)
AR Points:19.0
Word Count:106246
Topic – Subtopic:Community Life-School; Recommended Reading-YALSA Popular Paperbacks; Recommended Reading-ALA Outstanding Books for the College Bound; Sports/Recreation-Football; U.S. States/Regions-Texas;

Quiz Answers

What city does the book take place?Odessa
What is the high school name?Permian
“Boobie” Miles first name?James
What does it say on Boobie’s towel?Terminator X
QB for PermianMike Winchel
Permian won State Championship Game?False
Coach for PermianCoach Gaines
How did Permian get in playoffs?Coin toss
What happened to Boobie?Career-ending surgery
Who established Odessa?Two men from Zanesville, Ohio
Boobie’s uncle’s name?L.V.
Permian’s biggest rivals?Midland Lee
Where does Permian play Dallas Carter for the championship?Astrodome
Are cheerleaders Lady Panthers?False
Where did Mike Winchel go to college?Baylor
Where did Ivory Christian go to college?TCU
Where did Brian Chavez go to college?Harvard
Mike Winchel’s number?20
Ivory’s true passion in life?Preaching
All-black high school that closed in Odessa?Ector
NFL team Jessie Armstead played for?NY Giants
Permian hasn’t lost to Odessa in 20 years?True
Residents from Odessa are what political party?Republican
Permian beat Midland Lee?False
Where was the coin toss between Permian, Midland High, and Midland Lee?Truck stop in Midland
Two teams that advanced in coin toss?Permian, Midland Lee
Who is Dallas Carter’s player ineligible for failing Algebra?Gary Edwards
Final score of Permian’s loss to Dallas Carter in State Semi?14-9
Gary Edwards was arrested for armed robbery?True
Why was Dallas Carter stripped of the state championship?Grades were changed by administration
Sport Brian Chavez played at Harvard?Rugby
JC Boobie Miles went to?Ranger JC
Permian won the state championship in 1989, the following year after the book?Grades were changed by the administration
Olympic swimmer Coach Gaines compares the team to?Steve Genter


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