Stick Dog AR Test Answers

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Watson, Tom
AR Quiz No. 157823 EN

In Picasso Park, Stick Dog and his group of four companions are determined to get their paws on some mouth-watering hamburgers belonging to a family, and will go to any lengths to steal them.

ATOS Book Level:4.5
Interest Level:Middle Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Points:2.0
Word Count:13223
Topic – Subtopic:Animals-Dogs; Behavior-Stealing; Humor/Funny-Funny;
Series:Stick Dog;

Quiz Answers

Stripes ran away from the mother because
the mother had a big fork.

Mutt thought that the girl was a warrior because
she was fast at kicking a ball.

Karen _ the other dogs
shared potato chips with

Stripes had once
been a guard at the mall.

Mutt, Karen, and Poo-Poo backed down the hill because
they felt panicked

Poo-Poo wanted the other dogs to steal the hamburgers while she
drove off in the humans’ car.

Stick Dog didn’t feel sad about living alone because he
had always been alone.

Stick Dog planned to take the hamburgers
while the other dogs distracted the humans

Poo-Poo became furious when the squirrel
dropped an acorn on his head.

Stripes wanted to wear a cape and have Stick Dog
swing her on a rope.


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