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SABC End Of Course Exam Answers

The edges of the sealing material for an open chest wound should extend how far past the edge of the wound?
At least 2 inches
How should you treat a casualty’s eye injury?
Apply a bandage to the injured eye only.
Why must you seal an open chest wound?
To stop air from entering the chest cavity and collapsing the lung
What type of fracture has bone protruding from the skin?
Open fracture
Which of the following are signs and symptoms of a fracture?
All of the above
What is the purpose of splinting a fracture?
All of the above
Shock is the body’s reaction to what?
Blood flow to one or more organs throughout the body is decreased.
What type of water should be used when washing a wound caused by a sea animal’s stings?
Which type of snake’s mouth is white when opened?
What types of symptoms can a casualty display after being stung by a marine animal?
Both A and B
If an individual has an insect bite or sting, what can be used to reduce the chance of an infection and remove traces of venom?
Rubbing alcohol or an antiseptic
What factor(s) will determine the amount of fluid (water) necessary to maintain proper body function?
All of the above
Which of the following are signs of heat stroke?
Unusual behavior, abnormal mental state, and sudden collapse
After using the Micropur MP1 water purifier tablets, how long should you allow before drinking the contaminated water?
4 hours
In severe heat, how much water can a person lose each hour?
1 quart
What should you lubricate the nasopharyngeal airway with before inserting it?
Water-based lubricant
Which airway-management technique minimizes the movement of the head, neck, and spinal cord to prevent further injuries?
Jaw-thrust technique
Traumatic brain injury may occur after which of the following events?
Both A and C
Which of the following will not result in a traumatic brain injury?
Anaphylactic mishap
What is the proper injection angle for nerve agent antidote or anticonvulsant auto-injections?
90 degress
With continued symptoms of nerve agent exposure, how often should you self-inject ATNAA treatment?
Every 5 minutes
An individual is unable to make decisions or process information. Which type of stress does this describe?
Which of the following are physical signs of stress?
Paralysis of limbs, frequent urination, and trembling
If more than one wound is found during a quick patient assessment, what should you do?
Treat the most serous wound first
When using the emergency bandage, what should you do once the elastic bandage is placed through the pressure bar?
Reverse the wrapping direction, and continue bandaging the wound
When applying the Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT), how many times is the windlass rod twisted?
No more than three times
Which type of external bleeding is bright red in color and rapidly spurts out from the body?
Why is QuikClot Combat Gauze effective in controlling bleeding?
It causes blood to clot within the wound.
To stop severe bleeding of the upper leg, which pressure-point artery should you press on?
Which types of burns require immediate medical care due to their location?
All of the above
How should a burn be treated on a fractured limb?
Dress and bandage the burn before the limb is splinted
What should you do if a person expressing intent to harm himself or herself or to harm others over the phone?
Seek immediate medical assistance
Muscle cramps and muscle spasms are symptoms of which heat emergency?
Heat exhaustion
During which heat emergency do you cool the casualty’s body by sprinkling him or her with water?
Head exhaustion
What signs of a generalized hypothermia would a casualty display?
Casualty will appear drowsy or confused
How do you stabilize the casualty’s head when performing the jaw-thrust technique?
By placing a forearm on each side of the casualty’s head
Which type of external bleeding is less likely to clot?
When should you use QuikClot combat gauze?
When it is not practical or feasible to apply the combat application tourniquet
What should you do with the empty QuikClot Combat gauze wrapper?
Placed in between the folds of the emergency bandages
What should you do if the combination of extremity elevation and direct pressure do not control the bleeding?
Add pressure to the appropriate pressure point
What are signs and symptoms of a poisonous-snake bite?
All of the above
How many fingers should you be able to slip under the emergency bandage after it has been applied?
After an emergency bandage has been applied, you should be able to slip two fingers under it.
What position should you immediately place and casualty in who has abdominal wound?
On his or her back with his or her knees flexed
How do you secure an impaled object at the entrance of the wound?
Using gauze
What should you do if the intestines or organs are lying on the ground?
Pick up the intestines or organs with a clean, dry dressing.
What is used to support a fractured forearm wrist or hand after the fracture has been splinted?
A sling is used to keep the injured arm against the chest.
When making a sling where is the knot tied on the triangular bandage to create a pocket for the elbow?
A few inches from the apex of the bandage. Secure the knot at the back of the neck.
How long must an atnaa or cana auto-injection be held in place to treat nerve agent exposure?
10 Seconds
If you are exposed to a nerve agent, how many ATNAA (antidote) auto-injections should you administer to yourself or to a casualty before seeking medical guidance?
Which of the following is a sign and symptom of an open chest wound?
All of the above
When treating a snake bite, what should you do with the infected limb to decrease the spread of venom?
Place the affected limb below the level of the heart.
Which type of snake typically has oval-shaped heads and round eyes?
Which of the follownig materials should not be used to secure a split?
Why are open fractures a serious medical condition?
Because there is an increased risk of infection, damage to the skin, and bleeding
What type of sources can result in burns?
All of the Above
Is the most common type of external bleeding?
When applying the emergency bandage to the head, what is done to prevent the bandage from shifting in place?
Wrap the bandage at least once underneath the chin and back around the head.
How do you apply the QuikClot Combat Gauze?
Unroll the gauze, and pack it directly into the wound while simultaneously applying direct pressure
In which heat emergency, should you apply cool packs to the neck, groin and armpits?
Heat Stroke
What causes abnormally low body temperatures?
Continued exposure to low or rapidly falling temperatures
Why should the nasopharyngeal airway not be used if there is evidence of clear fluid coming from the nose or ears?
This may indicate a brain injury
After measuring, you decide that the nasopharyngeal ariway is too long. What should you do?
Cut it to the correct length, creating an angle.
If you are exposed to nerve agent, how many CANA (anti-convulsant) auto-injections should be administered before seeking medical guidance?
Which of the following are mild symptoms of nerve agent exposure?
Sudden drooling
What can cause a thermal burn?
What should you always do when treating a casualty for heat exhaustion or heat stroke?
Remove casualty from the hot environment
When identifying a coral snake, what is the key phrase to remember?
“Red touch yellow will kill a fellow”
What does the initial treatment of a poisonous-snake bite focus on?
Decreasing the spread of venom in the bloodstream
When applying a tourniquet, how many times is the windlass rod twisted?
Until the bleeding stops
When using the emergency/compression bandage, why do you reverse the wrapping direction and continue bandaging the wound once the elastic bandage is placed through the pressure bar?
This forces the pad onto the wound and provides direct pressure and controls bleeding
How do you cover the exposed intestine or organs?
If the intestines are visible, DO NOT touch or try to replace them. Cover a gaping wound with sterile dressings soaked in warm water or cling film to avoid damage to organs.
What is the first course of action when treating generalized hypothermia or frostbite?
Gently move the person out of the cold.

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