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Levithan, David
AR Quiz No. 153413 EN

Every morning, A wakes up in a new person’s body and life, and over time, has learned to avoid getting too emotionally invested. However, when A wakes up in Justin’s body, he finds himself falling deeply in love with Justin’s girlfriend. Please note that the story includes explicit language and sexual content.

ATOS Book Level:4.3
Interest Level:Upper Grades (UG 9-12)
AR Points:11.0
Word Count:74593
Topic – Subtopic:Award Winners-YALSA Top Ten; Award Winners-SLJ Best Book; Award Winners-Booklist Editors’ Choice; Award Winners-Andre Norton Award; Emotions-Love; Interpersonal Relationships-Dating; People-LGBTQIA+ People; Recommended Reading-YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults; Recommended Reading-Junior Library Guild-2012 Fall Jr./Sr. High; Recommended Reading-YALSA Popular Paperbacks; Recommended Reading-Junior Library Guild Selection; Scien

Quiz Answers

When first meeting Rhiannon in Amy’s body, A claimed to be
Checking out the school before possibly moving there

What did A do the day he woke up in Justin’s body?
Left school during lunch and went to beach w Rhiannon

After typing Nathan’s name into a search engine, A learned that Nathan
Told the police he was possessed by demons

While in kelsies body A showed kelsies father
A journal listing ways to kill oneself with a deadline date

What happened when A was in the body of beautiful ashley
Justin got angry when A flirted with him

How did A try to show faith while in Rhiannon’s body
By writing a letter to Rhiannon thay mapped out their day

At the cabin with Rhiannon A woke up as a girl who
Caused her brothers death while driving drunk

Rhiannon admitted it had been on and off after
A took her to dinner and a movie

What happened when A went to Nathan’s house
Someone in reverend poles body told A there were others

A told Rhiannon he would never be able to stay after he
Arranged a perfect date that Alexander would remember


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