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CPR Pretest Questions And Answers

During cardiac arrest, what happens to a person?The heart stops beating, the person doesn’t respond, and the person isn’t breathing normally
Which is the correct first step when you arrive at a scene where a person has collapsed?Make sure the scene is safe
When you do Hands-only CPR, how many chest compressions should you perform each minute?100 to 120
How deep should you push on the chest of an adult when you do Hands-only CPR?at least 2 inches
Once you shout for help, what are the next steps for providing Hands-Only CPR?phone 911 and get an AED if available, check for breathing, and begin compressions.
What does an AED do?reads the heart rhythm and tells you if a shock is needed
Do you know where the AED is located in your school?Yes
Would you feel comfortable performing Hands-Only CPR if someone had a cardiac arrest?Yes
Which is the correct first step to help a choking adult who stops responding?lay the person on the ground
What is the most important thing to remember when performing CPR on a child?children need breaths and compressions
What are the signs of a child who is choking?The child can’t cough, speak, or breathe
When you perform CPR with breaths on an adult, how many breaths do you give after every 30 compressions?2 breaths

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  1. CPR in Schools

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