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Cooking Gets Crazy Achieve 3000 Answers

Activity Answers

What is this Article mainly about?Using a non-cooking appliance, such as a dishwasher, iron, or coffee maker, to cook everyday foods.
This Article would be most useful as a source for a student research project onAlternative uses for everyday appliances
Which is the closest synonym for the word eccentric, as it is used in the Article?

A. Peculiar
B. Typical
C. Active
D. Lazy
According to the Article, how are a coffee maker and a dishwasher similar?Both are appliances that can be used to cook vegetables and other food items.
The Article states:

A dishwasher sterilizes glasses and utensils by shooting them with soapy water that’s between 120°F and 150°F (49℃ and 66℃) and then rinses them with more hot H20.

Which would be the closest synonym for the word sterilizes, as it is used above?
The author probably wrote this Article in order to

A. Convince young readers to surprise their parents with a home-cooked meal
B. Criticize the inventors of thenEasy-Bake Oven and other cooking-related toys
C. Demonstrate unique and unusual cooking methods
D. Determine the best method for frying an egg
Demonstrate unique and unusual cooking methods
Which passage from the Article best supports the notion that inexperienced chefs may find the idea of cooking without an oven or stove appealing?First, even if you’re not into cooking-i.e., if making a peanut butter sandwich is your idea of haute cuisine-stick around. You might enjoy cooking this way.
Based on the Article, which is most likely to happen?Some readers will be tempted to try cooking a meal with a non-cooking appliance to see if it actually works.

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