Black Beauty AR Test Answers

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Sewell, Anna
AR Quiz No. 8 EN

Narrated by a horse living in England during the 19th century, the story depicts his encounters with both benevolent and malevolent owners.

ATOS Book Level:7.7
Interest Level:Middle Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Points:11.0
Word Count:59635
Topic – Subtopic:Animals-Horses; Classics-Classics; Countries/Regions-England;
Series:Scholastic Classics; Puffin Classics;

Quiz Answers

Black Beauty’s mother forbade him fromBiting or kicking
Black Beauty’s earliest memories were of what?A large pleasant meadow
As a young colt, what did Black Beauty witness?A hunt
What part of his initial training did Black Beauty consider a significant advantage?Being sent to train near a railroad track
Why did Black Beauty appreciate the way his old master trained him?The man was very gentle
Young George Gordon and his horse Old Roy both…Lost their lives in a hunting accident
Where does Squire Gordon keep Black Beauty?A roomy open stall
Why was Ginger moved out of her open stall?She bit the stable boy
When John rides Black Beauty for the first time, Black Beauty…Performs splendidly
A few months after Black Beauty’s arrival to Birtwick, he and Ginger are…Good friends
Though Black Beauty is happy with his stables in Birtwick, he mentions that he still misses what?His liberty
What does Black Beauty say of John?He is very kind and gentle with Black Beauty
Ginger explains to Black Beauty that she is so ill-mannered why?Because she was neglected and ill-treated as long as she can remember
Samson left Ginger out of the stall because of all but why?He was angered that Ginger had bitten his father
After being broken in, where was Ginger sent to?A cruel London coachman
After a while, Ginger finds Black Beauty’s presence as what?Uplifting
What does Merrylegs do during Mr. Bloomfield’s visit?He throws off the boys
Boys, Merrylegs argues, must…Must be broken in just like horses
What kind of build did Black Beauty have?A racehorse
Black Beauty learns that in the past, Sir Oliver’s…Tail was cut short
In the name of what says Ginger and Oliver are horses too often mistreated?Fashion
After hearing Sir Oliver’s story of the dog’s ears being cut off, Black Beauty felt what?Resentment against men
The horses of Squire Gordon agree that blinkers are?Useless and annoying
Farmer Gret and Black Beauty’s master had been working together to do what?Get rid of the use of check reins
Why did Black Beauty’s master become angry with Captain Langles?Using check reins


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