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ATI TEAS 7 English & Language Usage Practice Test

We provide comprehensive practice tests to help you excel in the English & Language Usage section of the TEAS 7 exam. Our tests are designed to refine your grammar, punctuation, and writing skills, which are essential for success in nursing school and beyond.

I know you'll be busy on your trip, but will you send me a postcard from Germany Which of the following punctuation marks should be used to end the sentence?
Brady had never been skiing before. She took to the slopes like a natural. Which of the following transition words should be used to combine these two independent clauses into one sentence?
Which of the following words is spelled correctly?
Which of the following sentences is structured correctly?
Identify the correctly spelled word:
Which sentence has correct subject-verb agreement?
Which of the following is the correct tense used in the bold part in this sentence? My grandpa WILL BE WRITING a memoir about his experience as teacher in an impoverished area during the 1970s.
Which sentence uses grammar to clearly convey the message?
For an academic paper on biology, which tone is most appropriate?
Which of the following is a key component of a well-organized paragraph?
What is the first step in the writing process?
The prefix "un-" in the word "unbelievable" means:
Which version is more clear and grammatically correct?
Which of he following steps occurs last in the writing process?
His friend really digs modern classical music, even though it can be totally jarring. Which of the following words in the sentence above is slang?
Which of the following words is hyphenated correctly?
Which of the following suffixes would change the verb "manage" into an adjective?
"Yup, you too... hey wait, what are you up to tonight, anyways?" Which of the following explanations identifies the speaker's situation in the sentence above?
Determine the meaning of the prefix "mono" in the word monolingual:
Identify the synonyms for the word "scrutinized" in the sentence: "The inspector scrutinized the building's structure very carefully."
Which of these shows the correct steps of the writing process?
Writing prompt: Write a research report about a national park in the United States that is experiencing threats. Which of the following is the best thesis statements for the report based on the writing prompt above?
Which of the following is the most reliable source for scholarly research?
Wow, what an amazing shot to win the game What would be the correct punctuation mark to use at the end of this sentence?
Which of the following examples is a correctly punctuated compound sentence?
You'll see me Saturday when I'll walk down the aisle in my wedding dress, even if I'm ill. Which of the following words in the sentence above is a homophone for "I'll"?
Which of the following sentences is an example of a complex sentence structure?
The teacher likly annoyed his students when he assigned them unnecessary busy work. Which of the following words is misspelled in the sentence above?
Which of the following is important to do while writing the first draft of a research paper?
Identify the sentence with correct punctuation:
Which sentence contains a pronoun error?
Analyze this student's draft introduction paragraph: "Recycling is very important. Reducing waste helps protect our environment in many ways. First of all,..." What is the best way to improve the coherence and flow?
Identify the meaning of the root word "ven" in the word convent:
Which of the following requires a citation?
Hospitals are finding severe unexpected complications in full-term newborns. Researchers are delving into the problem to find out the causes. In a recent study, Dr. Arnold N. Skjong reported, "neonatal transfer was the most common complication." This seems to be especially true in hospitals without higher levels of neonatal care. Which part of the passage above requires a citaton?
There is always a risk of a ceiling collapse. The buildup of dangerous gases is ever present. Long-term health problems, such as permanent lung damage, are another hazard. Coal miners risk injury and health issues on a daily basis. Which of the following sentences makes the best topic sentence for the paragraph above?
If you are the last one to leave the office, please perform these tasks before you go. Check to see that the coffee maker in the breakroom is unplugged. Turn off the fan and the lights. Set the alarm by the front door, close the door, and leave immediately. We appreciate your cooperation. This will make life easier for everyone. Which of the following sentences is a supporting detail in the business memo?
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TEAS 7 English & Language Usage Test Outline

Conventions of Standard English (12 questions)

  • Use conventions of standard English spelling
  • Use conventions of standard English pronunciation
  • Use correct sentence structures

Knowledge of Language (11 questions)

  • Use grammar to enhance clarity in writing
  • Evaluate if language meets the needs of a particular audience
  • Develop a well-organized paragraph

Using Language and Vocabulary to Express Ideas in Writing (10 questions)

  • Apply basic knowledge of the writing process to communicate effectively
  • Determine the meanings of words by analyzing word parts

Why is a Strong English & Language Usage Score Important for the TEAS 7?

The TEAS 7 English & Language Usage section evaluates your proficiency in written communication, a crucial skill for nurses. A high score demonstrates your ability to:

  • Communicate Clearly and Concisely: Nurses need to document patient information accurately and effectively in charts and progress notes.
  • Write Professionally: Clear and concise written communication fosters better collaboration with other healthcare professionals and ensures patient safety.
  • Understand Medical Terminology: Proper use of medical terminology is vital for accurate documentation and communication in nursing practice.
  • Demonstrate Critical Thinking: Strong language skills allow nurses to analyze patient information and communicate their findings clearly effectively.

How Will Our TEAS 7 English & Language Usage Practice Tests Help You Excel?

  • Realistic Test Simulation: Our practice tests mimic the actual TEAS 7 exam format, covering grammar rules, punctuation usage, sentence structure, and writing mechanics.
  • Detailed Explanations: Our in-depth explanations go beyond simply getting the right answer. They clarify grammar rules and provide insights into effective writing practices.
  • Vocabulary Building: Practice tests may include medical terminology relevant to nursing, helping you expand your vocabulary and understand medical documentation.
  • Confidence Boost: Taking timed practice tests enhances your confidence and hones your test-taking skills for the TEAS 7.

Additional Tips for TEAS 7 English & Language Usage Success

  • Brush Up on Grammar Basics: Review fundamental grammar rules like subject-verb agreement, punctuation usage, and sentence structure.
  • Practice Writing: Regularly write essays or practice drills focused on specific grammar topics to solidify your understanding.
  • Read Medical Literature: Expose yourself to medical journals and articles to familiarize yourself with medical terminology and writing styles used in nursing.
  • Utilize Online Resources: Use free grammar tutorials and online quizzes to sharpen your skills.

Additional Resources

  • Our comprehensive TEAS 7 Study Guide
  • All About the ATI TEAS 7 informational page

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