TABC Test Answers Lesson 4: Alcohol To-Go, Delivery and Other Permits

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only the driver of a vehicle containing open containers of alcohol can be charged with an offence in regards to the open container law
blood alcohol content is the ratio of alcohol in the system to blood in the system
alcohol is a________
a person under the age of 21 can be charged with driving under the influence if their blood alcohol content is .02 or higher
a person over the age of 21 that is convicted of driving under the influence:
all of the above
the legal limit of intoxication in Georgia for persons over 21 year sor older is ____percent
Georgia’s implied consent law requires people under the age of 21 to submit to a chemical test to determine if they have alcohol or drugs in their system
if a person has a second conviction of a DUI within 5 years, they can have their license suspended for 3 years
which type of drug classification are addictive drugs that have an extremely relaxing effect on the central nervous system?
a drivers license is suspended for______if the person refuses to take a chemical test or fails the chemical text if the person has no previous history of charges
1 year

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