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Learn2Serve TABC Test Answers

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Learn2Serve TABC Final Assessment Answers

Here you can find answers to the Learn To Serve TABC Certification final assessment.

As a seller/server, if you sell alcohol to a minor, your employer could:
All of the above
In Texas, and minors drivers license has which of the following?
All of the above
When selling alcohol, a minor is defined as:
A person under the age of 21
A medic alert bracelet might indicate that a customer:
Has a medical condition that might mimic intoxication
All seller/server training schools are owned and operated by the Texas alcoholic beverage commission
When an excessive amount of alcohol is consumed causing a person to stop or breathe slowly, vomit in their sleep, or appear pale or bluish, the person is possibly suffering from:
Alcohol poisoning
In which situation is it legal for minor to possess alcohol?
When working at an establishment as a seller/server.
In which situation would it be legal to sell a minor alcohol?
None of the above
How long is your TABC certification valid?
2 years
A sign of intoxication could be a guest who is buying rounds of drinks for strangers
Which of the following might make you suspect that an ID is fake?
All of the above
It is illegal for a minor to even attempt to purchase alcohol
By taking this course, you cannot be held liable if you sell to a minor or intoxicated person
When checking an ID, make sure the description matches the person, the photo matches the description, and
Both A and C
In which of the following situations would you sell/serve an alcoholic beverage?
A gentleman walks up to the counter with a bottle of whiskey, you watched him walk through the store, he answers your questions directly and clearly, you do not smell alcohol on his breath and his eyes are clear.
Which of the following factors may impact a persons blood alcohol concentration (BAC)?
Serving alcoholic beverages to guests who show signs of being intoxicated is legal, as long as:
It is never legal to serve alcoholic beverages to guest to show signs of being intoxicated
Who is legally responsible for the sale of alcohol to a minor?
The seller/server
Today is January 23, 2015. Which guest could you legally serve alcohol to?
Someone born January 2, 1994


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