Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood AR Test Answers

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Satrapi, Marjane
AR Quiz No. 76929 EN

The contents of this book comprise monochromatic comic strip depictions, narrating the author’s personal account of her life in Tehran, Iran. The events described occurred during her residency from ages six to fourteen, a period during which the country was subject to Islamic regime control.

ATOS Book Level:3.3
Interest Level:Upper Grades (UG 9-12)
AR Points:2.0
Word Count:16162
Topic – Subtopic:Award Winners-Booklist Editors’ Choice; Award Winners-Alex Award/Honor; Biographies/Autobiographies-Biographies/Autobiographies (All); Countries/Regions-Iran; Graphic Novels/Comics & Cartoons-Graphic Novels/Comics & Cartoons (All); Recommended Reading-YALSA Best Books for YA; Recommended Reading-YALSA Popular Paperbacks; Recommended Reading-ALA Outstanding Books for the College Bound; Recommended Reading-NY Publ. Library Best Books for the Teen Age;

Quiz Answers

What did the author do after he was beat up as a high school freshman?
He joined a local school for practicing martial arts

Which incident in Iraq did the author call life changing?
Seeing an explosion-detection dog detect a booby trap and save marines

As operation Iraqi freedom began the author went on a mission to
Take over oil terminals in the Persian golf

What mistakes did a green dog name arras make during nighttime training
He attacked his handler because he didn’t recognize the man in goggles

A handler the author had trained sent an email saying his dog Reno had
Twice in one night saved a man’s life by detecting an I ED and insurgents

Well in Afghanistan, some of the man allowed racket to
Sleep in their beds while they slept on the floor

Aaron’s dog castor was once injured when he
Impaled himself on a sharp stick during a training exercise

Why did Samson do to get revenge on a servicemen he did not like
He urinated on the man’s Rockstack

How did Samson once show his soft side
He picked up a stuffed animal that a child in a stroller Had dropped

What is true of Carlos and Arco two dogs that are owned by the Author
They survived series injuries and returned to military operation


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