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One Social Issue Often Facing Developing Countries Is

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One social issue often facing developing countries is:

A. democratic rule is easily obtainable.
B. is easily obtainable
C. reluctance to accept change.
D. a shortage of natural resources.
E. very high population growth.

Answer: E. Very high population growth. One social issue often facing developing countries is very high population growth.

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One of the most significant social problems facing developing nations is rapid population growth. The majority of developing nations are experiencing rapid population growth, which poses a problem in terms of equitable resource distribution.

High birth rates result in high levels of unemployment, which may lead to crime rates rising.

Understanding Population Growth in Developing Countries

Population growth is a significant factor that impacts the socio-economic and environmental landscape of a country. In many developing countries, high population growth rates present both challenges and opportunities.

Population growth refers to the increase in the number of individuals in a population over a specific period. It can result from a surplus of births over deaths, an influx of migrants, or a combination of both.

High Population Growth in Developing Countries

High Population Growth in Developing Countries

  • African Context: Many African countries, such as Nigeria, Uganda, and Tanzania, have witnessed high population growth rates. Factors contributing to this include high fertility rates and decreasing mortality rates due to improved healthcare.
  • Asian Context: Countries like India and Bangladesh have also experienced rapid population growth, driven by cultural factors, early marriages, and lack of access to family planning resources.

Implications of High Population Growth

  • Economic Challenges: Rapid population growth can strain resources, leading to unemployment, poverty, and increased competition for scarce resources.
  • Social Challenges: High population growth can lead to overcrowded cities, inadequate housing, and pressure on educational and healthcare systems.
  • Environmental Impact: Increased demand for resources can lead to deforestation, loss of biodiversity, and increased pollution.

Opportunities from Population Growth

  • Young Workforce: A growing population means a larger workforce, which, if harnessed correctly, can drive economic growth.
  • Market Expansion: A larger population can lead to increased demand for goods and services, benefiting businesses and the economy.

While high population growth in developing countries presents challenges, it also offers opportunities. The key lies in effective management, strategic planning, and investments in education and healthcare to harness the potential of the growing population.

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