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Freud’s Stages of Psychosexual Development

Terms and Answers to Learn

Freud’s Psychosexual Theory
-Based on Freud’s belief of sexual desire as the driving force behind human development– Driven by three psychic structures
Id-Basis is pleasure principle
Superego-Basis of conscience (restricts the id)
Ego-Basis of reality (mediator of the id and superego)
Who is Freud?
Freud (1856-1939) aka Father of Psychoanalysis was a Viennese MD. People developed mental health issues and personal issues based upon a traumatic childhood event
What were Freuds Psychosexual stages?
Infancy/ oral
Middle Childhood/ Latency
Adolescence/ Genital
Main Features of Infancy/Oral Stage
Sexual sensations centered on the mouth; pleasure derived from sucking, chewing, biting
Main Features of Toddlerhood/Anal stage
Sexual sensations centered on the anus; high interest in feces; pleasure derived from elimination
Main Features of Earlyhood/ Phalic stage
Sexual sensations move to genitals; sexual desire for other sex- parent and fear of same- sex parent
Main features of Middle childhood/ Latency
Sexual desires repressed; focus on developing social and cognitive skills
Main features of Adolesence/ Genital stage
Reemergence of sexual desire, now directed outside the family
Failure to complete any of these stages results in?
a fixation that would impact his/her development.


Freud Vocabulary

Freudian psychology which stresses importance of sex, childhood determinism and unconscious thinking
the unconscious
thoughts and wishes you are not aware of which influence conscious thoughts and behavior
unconsciously pushing thoughts and wishes into the unconscious and keeping them there
redirecting sexual and aggressive energy into social approved activity
sexual energy/sexual drive
psychosexual growth stages
stages of sexual development that a human being normally goes through
oral stage
sex drive gratified through sucking
anal stage
sex drive gratified through elimination
phallic stage
sex drive gratified through masturbation
when you repress your Oedipus feelings, your sex drive is dormant
genital stage
sex drive gratified in an adult way
Oedipus complex
a group of largely unconscious thoughts and feelings connected with two leading wishes: to sexually posses the parent of the opposite sex, and to destroy the parent of the same sex
a vague fear of what might happen next
castration anxiety
the child’s vague fear that his penis could be cut off
remaining at an early stage of childhood development
returning to an early stage of childhood
technique of free association
getting a patient to talk without thinking in order to reveal the unconscious
mild mental illness characterized by extreme anxiety, depression and compulsive behavior
Freudian slip
slip of the tongue that reveals unconscious wish
manifest content of dreams
dream images you are aware of and can remember
latent content
underlying wishes that give rise to the dream images
infantile dream
fulfill conscious innocent wishes
adult dream
fulfill repressed, unconscious, forbidden sexual and aggressive wishes
dream symbols
unconscious metaphors
energy that pushes you to do something
a yearning for the past
innate animal nature with sexual and aggressive drives
conscious, rational problem solving part of the personality
moral part of personality that condemns some behavior as sinful
to put your own forbidden thoughts onto other people
doing the opposite of what an individual originally wanted to do
redirecting sexual repressive energy into socially approved activity


Freud’s psychosexual development | Individuals and Society | MCAT | Khan Academy

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