Ender’s Game AR Test Answers

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Card, Orson Scott
AR Quiz No. 28441 EN

Andrew, also known as Ender Wiggin, believes that he is simply playing computer games. However, unbeknownst to him, he is actually being prepared and trained to become the military mastermind that the planet desperately requires for its total war against an extraterrestrial adversary.

ATOS Book Level:5.5
Interest Level:Upper Grades (UG 9-12)
AR Points:16.0
Word Count:100609

Quiz Answers

Why did Ender continue to kick Stilson after he was down?
So the gang did not come after Ender.

How did Ender bring his launch together at battle school?
Made friends with Alai.

Why did Ender visit the launches?
To practice.

First practice with Rat, Dink asked Ender to do what?
Teach them all feet first.

It bothered Valentine that her father did what?
Begin quoting and agreeing with Demosthenes.

As commander why had Ender taken Bean aside?
He treated Bean the same way he had been treated.

What did Ender and Dragon army do after winning 2 battles in the battle room?
Carried out the victory dance.

How did Mazer defeat the buggers?
Defeated the queen.

What did Ender do after the war was over?
He collected Valentine.


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