Ancient Lines in the Sand Achieve 3000 Answers

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Lexile: 1380

Answer Key

What is this Article mainly about?The true meaning of the Nazca Lines, which are found in southern Peru and form images of plants, animals, humanoids,
imaginary beings, and straight and squiggly lines etched onto the desert floor, remains open to speculation to this day.
Which of these is a statement of opinion?The Nazca Lines obviously formed a kind of ancient agricultural calendar because the people who created them would not go to such trouble for anything but very practical reasons.
Why did the author include this passage?To explain how a pre-Incan civilization was able to create images on the desert floor that are only discernable from a distance
Which is the closest synonym for the word denote?designate
What is one inference the reader can make from the Article?Some of the Nazca Lines are now so faded that they cannot even be recognized from the window of an airplane.
According to the Article, which of these happened last?A geoglyph of a human-like being with many eyes, mouths, and limbs was discovered.
In this passage, the word longevity means __.the length of time that something lasts
Which passage from the Article best supports the idea that the Nazca Lines might have served more than one purpose?The most recent research suggests that the geoglyphs figured into specific rituals for rain and crop fertility. Certain geoglyphs may have denoted where the rituals were being conducted, while others were more like signposts directing travelers to those ceremonial

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