Walmart Pharmacy Technician Assessment Test Answers

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You are on hold with an insurance company to work through a rejected claim for a patient standing at the counter when you receive a rush of
customers. You’ve already been on hold for 10 minutes, and the line at the register is 4 customers long.
Most: Assist the customers at the register while you are on hold. Frequently check the phone while assisting other customers to see if the insurance company is ready to speak with you.

Least: Kindly tell the 4 customers that you are not available to help them at this time but will assist them as soon as you get
off the phone.
There has been a recent regulatory change that has resulted in a new process to be followed in your facility. This change will require additional tasks to be performed every day. A colleague approaches you and complains about the change, saying she doesn’t see the need to change anything.Most: Explain to your colleague there must be a good reason why the regulatory process was implemented. Attempt to
persuade her to follow the new process.

Least: Tell her you plan to discuss the new regulatory process with your supervisor. You also believe the old process was better and will try to convince her to go back to the old way of doing things.
A patient at the pharmacy counter is upset because they cannot afford the medication they need urgently.Most: Describe potential next steps for them to receive their medication. Investigate other potential ways the patient could receive the medication.

Least: Empathize with the patient. Express that you know how frustrating it can be when an important medication is
You are informed by a vendor there was an error on a recent monthly retum. Several coworkers worked on this return, and your records show everything was done correctly.Most: Call vendor to closely review and identify the problem.

Least: Put your tasks on hold so you can redo the monthly return entirely to ensure it is done correctly.
If contacted, how would your supervisor rate your performance compared to others?The very best
If contacted, how would your most recent supervisor at work rate your attendance compared to others?The very best
Considering time spent in all jobs combined, how much time have you spent working in healthcare jobs of any kind?1+ to three months
What is the longest time that you have worked for any single employer?Better if five or more years
In your most recent job, how much unexcused tardiness have you had per month?None
If contacted, how would your most recent supervisor at work (or school) rate your drive to become a top performer compared to others?Extremely high
If contacted, how would your most recent supervisor rate your punctuality compared to others?The very best
If contacted, how would your supervisor rate the quality of your work compared to others?The very best
For how many different employers have you worked full-time in the last five years?1 or 2
How many times have you been formally recognized for high performance in previous jobs (e.g., received an award/honor, letter of
Have you ever voluntarily left a job before getting a new one? (Note: Please treat military experiences as one job.)No
How much experience do you have responding to inquiries or complaints from customers and/or patients?2-5 years
How long do you expect to work at this organization?1-2 years
If contacted, how would your supervisor at work rate your communication skills compared to others?the very best
At which of the following are you the best?I am excellent at all of these
In your most recent job, how many times per year did you have an unexcused absence?None
What is the longest amount of time you have stayed with one employer (one organization) without voluntarily leaving? (Please treat military experiences as one employer.)2-5 years
If contacted, how would your supervisor rate your customer service skills compared to others?The very best
How long did you stay (or have you been) with your most recent employer? (Note: Please treat military experiences as one job.)6 months – 1 year
If contacted, how would your supervisor rate your interpersonal skills compared to others?The very best
In the last four years, how many different jobs have you left voluntarily? (Please treat military experiences as one job.)0
Which one of the following would you be most comfortable doing?Very comfortable doing any of these
The assessment provided me with a better understanding of the role.Strongly agree
Based on my experience, I would gladly tell my friends about employment opportunities at Walmart.Strongly Agree

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