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The Idea That Love Conquers All Is An Example Of A

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The idea that love conquers all is an example of a

A. universal truth.
B. plot device.
C. situational irony.
D. character conflict.


The idea that love conquers all is an example of a universal truth.

What is an example for love conquers all?

Given that Lindsay was too weak, the plan was to lay her wedding dress across her. However, love conquered all, and she wore her gown and made it to the hospital chapel where they exchanged vows.

What does it mean for love to conquer all?

“Love conquers all” means that love can overcome any and every obstacle.

Who said love conquers everything?

The poet Virgil originally brought up the phrase “Omnia Vincit Amor” or “love conquers all” in his tenth published Eclogue around 37 B.C. (Kingsley-Smith 8).

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