Just Call My Name AR Test Answers

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Sloan, Holly Goldberg
AR Quiz No. 171864 EN

The idyllic future that young lovebirds Sam and Emily had dreamed of is disrupted when Sam’s mentally unstable father escapes from prison and hunts down his sons and Emily for retribution. The storyline includes depictions of sexual language and violence.

ATOS Book Level:5.1
Interest Level:Upper Grades (UG 9-12)
AR Points:10.0
Word Count:63232
Topic – Subtopic:Behavior-Revenge; Behavior-Criminal; Interpersonal Relationships-Dating; People-Parents & Parental Figures;

Quiz Answers

What happened to Emily on her second day at Ferdinands
she was locked inside the walk-in freezer for almost 3 hr

Emily yelled at Jared after she realized he had
moved the yellow reading cards Mom placed for the riddle

Emily started crying in the bathroom at the Thai restaurant after
Destiny broke Emily’s lucky necklace

Clarence’s escaped plan involved
climbing out a bathroom window at the doctor’s office

when Emily went to get gelato, she drove past the
starlight motel, where Destiny was staying

what did Riddel notice when he woke at 2:46 in the morning
the lights were on at the Binghams house next door

when Emily was riding in the silver car with Clance, she saw
Destiny driving Robbs’s black SUV

what did Clance make Emily do at the closed rest stop
get in the truck of the car

at the first stop, Destiny helped save Emily by
driving the one big rig in the parking lot

Where was the clearance body found
in a freight filled with frains grains


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