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AF Advanced C-IED Attack the Network Answers

Welcome! This page serves as a comprehensive resource for the AF Advanced C-IED Attack the Network test answers. The information provided here is designed to assist those who are preparing for this crucial exam, which tests one’s understanding and proficiency in countering improvised explosive device (IED) threats and related security issues.

The questions and answers compiled below tackle a wide range of subjects, including network exploitation strategies, functions of a terrorist organization, organizational structures used by terrorist groups, and more. This knowledge is critical in today’s increasingly complex security environment, helping to maintain the safety and security of our bases, personnel, and operations.

What are two types of exploitation used to attack the network?Forensic and technical
What are the key functions of a terrorist organization?Supply chain, recruiting, funding, and people to organize and execute
You see a host national taking pictures of the facilities on your base, what do you do?Report the activity through the appropriate chain of command
So how do we get left off the boom?Attack the network at the root
Technical exploitation by theater laboratories starts with the evidence collected by people engaged in daily operational tasks, like?You
What are the two most common types of organizational structures used by terrorist groups?Networked and hierarchical
So how do we get left of the boom?attack the network at the root

It’s important to remember that the purpose of this resource is not to encourage rote memorization, but to provide a clearer understanding of the topics and help reinforce the learning process. Please ensure you have a thorough understanding of each concept, beyond just memorizing the answers.

Whether you are revising for an upcoming exam or simply looking to expand your knowledge in counter-IED operations, this page can serve as an invaluable resource. Make sure to review and understand each question and answer to fully prepare for any scenario you might encounter in the field.

Best of luck in your studies and training!

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