2.1.4 Stretched Slinky CodeHS Answers

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This code snippet suggests you’re trying to draw a series of circles with gaps between them, resembling a stretched slinky. This code appears to be intended for a turtle graphics environment, where circle() and forward() are common functions used to draw shapes and move the turtle, respectively.

To ensure this code works as expected in a Python turtle graphics environment, let’s integrate it into a complete turtle program.

Additionally, to make the code more efficient and adaptable, we can use a loop to reduce repetition:

import turtle

# Set up the turtle environment
turtle.speed(0)  # Set the drawing speed to the fastest

# Draw a stretched slinky
for _ in range(5):  # Repeat the drawing and moving 5 times
    turtle.circle(35)  # Draw a circle with radius 35
    turtle.penup()  # Lift the pen to move without drawing
    turtle.forward(40)  # Move forward to create a gap
    turtle.pendown()  # Put the pen down to draw the next circle

# To keep the window open until you close it manually

This code will draw five circles with a gap of 40 units between them, mimicking a stretched slinky. By using a loop, the code is more concise and easier to modify—for example, changing the number of circles or the size of the gaps requires altering only one or two lines.

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