2.10.4 Bubble Wrap 2.0 CodeHS Answers

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Here is the answer for 2.10.4 Bubble Wrap 2.0:

This code will fill the canvas with light blue circles.

Now add a function that will draw a white highlight on each bubble.

# This function will draw one row of 10 circles
def draw_circle_row():
    for i in range(10):
        color("light blue")

# This function will move Tracy from end of row up to beginning of the row on top        
def move_up_a_row():
# Send Tracy to starting position in bottom left corner

# Call circle drawing function 10 times to fill ten rows
for i in range(10):

This page is a part of the CodeHS Python answers.

This code is designed to create a series of light blue circles on a canvas, creating a pattern resembling bubble wrap. The circles are arranged in rows, with a function to draw a row of circles and another function to move the cursor up to start a new row.

To add a white highlight to each bubble, you would need to add a few lines of code to the draw_circle_row() function. After filling a circle with light blue, you can draw a smaller arc or circle on the top side with white color to represent the highlight.

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