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3.7.9: Snowman CodeHS Answers

The most common answers is:

# Constants representing the radius of the top, middle,
# and bottom snowball.
circ = Circle(TOP_RADIUS)
circ.set_position(200, 125)
circ = Circle(MID_RADIUS)
circ.set_position(200, 215)
circ = Circle(BOTTOM_RADIUS)
circ.set_position(200, 375)

This code sets up three circles to represent a snowman’s top, middle, and bottom parts, using predefined constants for their radii. It then positions these circles vertically aligned to simulate the snowman’s body and sets their color to gray.

The add function, which is mentioned but not defined in the snippet, is presumably part of the graphics library being used and is responsible for rendering the circles onto a canvas or display window.

Here’s a breakdown of the code:

  1. Constants Definition: The radii of the snowman’s bottom, middle, and top parts are defined as constants BOTTOM_RADIUS, MID_RADIUS, and TOP_RADIUS, respectively.
  2. Creating the Top Circle:
    • A circle with a radius equal to TOP_RADIUS is created to represent the top part of the snowman.
    • Its position is set to (200, 125) on the canvas, likely with the (0, 0) coordinate being at the top left corner of the canvas.
    • The circle’s color is set to gray.
  3. Creating the Middle Circle:
    • Similarly, a circle representing the middle part of the snowman is created with MID_RADIUS.
    • Its position is set to (200, 215), placed below the top circle to maintain the appearance of a snowman.
    • This circle is also colored gray.
  4. Creating the Bottom Circle:
    • The bottom part of the snowman is represented by a circle with BOTTOM_RADIUS.
    • It is positioned at (200, 375), below the middle circle, to complete the snowman’s body.
    • The color for this circle is set to gray as well.

This code effectively uses the concept of circles and positioning to draw a simple snowman figure on the screen. However, this is a very basic representation and doesn’t include details like eyes, a nose, a mouth, or accessories like a hat or scarf that you might see in a more detailed drawing or animation of a snowman.

Additionally, the choice of gray color for the snowman is unconventional, as snowmen are typically depicted as white to represent snow. The color could be easily changed to white or any other color by modifying the circ.set_color(Color.gray) lines to a different color value as supported by the graphics library being used.

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