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Steinbeck, John
AR Quiz No. 7119 EN

After discovering a valuable pearl worth a fortune, Kino, a poor Mexican pearl-diver, believes that his prayers have been answered. However, tragedy swiftly ensues.

ATOS Book Level:7.1
Interest Level:Upper Grades (UG 9-12)
AR Points:4.0
Word Count:25845
Topic – Subtopic:Adventure-Misc./Other; Behavior-Greed/Selfishness; Fairy Tales-Fairy Tales (All); Power Lessons AR-Grade 7; Recommended Reading-California Recommended Lit., English, 9-12;

Quiz Answers

Who is Coyotito?Juana & Kino’s son
In what country does The Pearl take place?Mexico
Why do Juana & Kino take Coyotito to the doctor’s house?Because he was stung by a scorpion
What does Kino hope to buy with the profits from the pearl?A rifle
Who approaches Kino for money first?The Priest
Why did Juana urge Kino to discard the pearl?Because someone attempted to break into their house, and Kino was hurt
What happened to the dead man and Kino before Juana found them?Kino was walking back from the ocean when a group of men attacked him. He was able to fatally stab one stranger before the rest fled
What happens to Kino & Juana’s house?Someone burns it down
What did the trackers think they heard when Coyotito cried?A coyote
Where did Kino get his canoe?It was passed down
What does Juan Thomas say when Kino departs from him?“Go with God”
What happens to Kino the night after he defies the dealers?He is attacked, and his hut is burned
Which song best illustrates Kino’s hope for the future?Song of the Pearl That Might Be
According to Kino, what is his soul?The pearl
Why does Kino go naked in the forest?Without his white clothing, he is less likely to be seen
What is the significance of Kino’s refusal to accept the dealer’s price?He has defied the societal hierarchy that dominates La Paz
What object does Kino return to La Paz?Rifle
What are the themes of The Pearl?Social mobility, avarice, and hope for the future
What is the meaning of “I am a man” to Juana?It means that Kino is half-insane and half-god
What is Kino’s reaction when he finds the pearl?He howls (yells)
What is significant about the canoe?It is one of the losses that Kino suffers because of the pearl; it represents a piece of Kino’s family history; and it is the one tangible piece of property that Kino owns
What does Kino offer to pay the doctor?Eight (8) small pearls
Who is Juan Thomas?Kino’s older brother
Who is Apolonia?Juan Thomas’s wife and mother of 4 children
What simple breakfast does Kino enjoy every morning?A hot corncake
How does Kino injure his hand?He smashes it against the gate at the doctor’s house (his reaction when the doctor snubs him)
How does Kino respond to the scorpion’s stinging his baby son Coyotito?He rubs the scorpion into paste in his hands
What does Kino’s canoe represent?A connection to his grandfather, a continuation of family tradition, and a source of food
Where does the pearl ultimately end up?At the bottom of the sea
Who said, “This pearl is like a sin! It will destroy us”?Juana
Who sets Juana’s house on fire?Someone unknown, “dark ones”
Why does Kino decide to go to the capital to sell the great pearl?He knows that the pearl buyers in his town want to cheat him
What song does Kino remember when he awakes?Song of the Family
Why does the doctor not want to treat Coyotito?Greed, racism, dissatisfaction with his situation
What does Juana do that stops the swelling from Coyotito’s shoulder?She uses seaweed poultice
Which song does Kino remember when the scorpion stings Coyotito?Song of Evil
What is significant about the suggestion that Kino buy a rifle?It permits Kino to think of the various other things that he will get with the money
What does Juana pray for when she is in the canoe?A big pearl
List of things Kino plans to buy with his newfound wealth:An education for Coyotito, a rifle, and a proper marriage in a church
How does the doctor treat Coyotito’s scorpion wound?With a capsule filled with powder
Where does Kino hide the pearl during the night?Beneath his sleeping mat
What reason does the dealer give for not liking Kino’s pearl?It is too large
What is the first dealer’s nervous habit?He manipulates a coin in his hands
What is the name of the town where Kino first attempts to sell his pearl?La Paz
How much does the first dealer offer Kino for the pearl?1,000 pesos
What does Juana see in the road on her way back to her house after her fight on the beach?Two (2) men
What item of clothing does Kino wear in order to appear a serious, vigorous man of the world?A hat


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