The Demon King AR Test Answers

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Chima, Cinda Williams
AR Quiz No. 134468 EN

As Han Alister, a former leader of a street gang, acquires an amulet that once belonged to a malevolent wizard, his destinies and the strong-willed Princess Raisa become intertwined. Meanwhile, Raisa unravels a plot in the Gray Wolf court.

ATOS Book Level:5.3
Interest Level:Middle Grades Plus (MG+ 6 and up)
AR Points:20.0
Word Count:128920
Topic – Subtopic:Award Winners-VOYA: The Perfect Tens; Award Winners-VOYA Award/Honor; Fantasy/Imagination-Witches/Warlocks, Wizards, & Sorcerers/Sorceresses; People-Royalty; Recommended Reading-YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults; Recommended Reading-YALSA Popular Paperbacks;
Series:Seven Realms;

Quiz Answers

While confronting the young wizards on Hanalea, Han thought it odd that-Micah Bayar seemed to recognize Dancer and knew his his Vale name
Due to the second sight, what appeared to Raisa at the times of dangerwolves
Complaining of a headache, Raisa left the dinner party early tomeet Amon, who had recently returned from Oden’s Ford
After identifying the amulet, what did Lucius tell Han about the Demon King?He had been tortured and killed, and his death released a destructive power
In Brickmaker’s Alley, what happened when Shiv poked the amulet?It emitted a green light and flung the Southies against the opposite wall
After their meeting in the glass garden, Amon advised Raisa to-close off the passage in the walls that led to her bedroom
Mac Gilen , sergeant in the Queen’s Guard suspected Han of-killing half a dozen southies out of revenge for their attack oh him
What did Elena give Raisa in an effort to protect her against wizard charms?a Running Wolves hung on a chain
Why did Raisa give her father, Averill, many of her name day gifts?She wanted to raise funds to support Jemson’s school and feed the hungry
What happened when Amon recognized Han at Southbridge Temple?Han held a knife to Raisa’s throat and took her hostage
What did Raisa do after Han released her?She entered the guardhouse under the pretense of visiting her sister
Before Han fled Fellsmarch and headed for the mountains, he-left his gang scarf and bloody clothes on the riverbank
At Micah’s name day party, why did Raisa become dizzy and feel sick?The necklace she wore was a seduction amulet that matched his ring
During the clan’s name day celebration, Willo revealed thatDancer would go to the charmcaster academy to learn to harness his magic
Before Edon Byrne left for Chalk Cliffs, he took Amon to temple to-have him bound to Hanalea’s line
What did Han discover when he returned home after a month away?His sister, Mari, was sick with remittent fever
The night of Raisa’s name ceremony, the queen tried to marry her to-Micah Bayar
How did Raisa avoid being forced into marriage?by pretending to get to a necklace and fleeing from her room through the tunnel
After Han’s encounter with Lord Bauer, Cat prevented Han fromentering that burning stable to try to rescue Mam and Mari
During a meeting at the lodge, Han learned that he was-the only living gifted descendant of Alger Waterlow


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