Mockingjay AR Test Answers

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Collins, Suzanne
AR Quiz No. 138972 EN

The survival of Katniss, along with District 13’s plan to overthrow the Capitol, holds the key to the success of the rebellion and the fate of Panem. However, it’s worth noting that the plot includes depictions of violence and sexual references.

ATOS Book Level:5.3
Interest Level:Middle Grades Plus (MG+ 6 and up)
AR Points:15.0
Word Count:100269
Topic – Subtopic:Adventure-Survival; Award Winners-Booklist Editors’ Choice; Award Winners-Andre Norton Award; Award Winners-VOYA Award/Honor; Recommended Reading-YALSA Teens’ Top Ten; Recommended Reading-Junior Library Guild Selection; Science Fiction-Future; What Kids Are Reading, 2020-Grade 9: Top 20 Fiction/Nonfiction Books; What Kids Are Reading, 2020-Grade 8: Top 20 Fiction/Nonfiction Books;

Quiz Answers

After visiting the remains of District 12, what did Katniss realize?
The people of thirteen deserved credit for staying alive against all odds

What did katniss discover when she opened the door of compartment 3908?
Her half-naked, bruised prep team was shackled to the wall

What happened as Katniss rushed to defend the hospital in District 8?
Boggs tried to stop her, and Gale intervened, breaking Boggs’s nose

According to Prim, why shouldn’t president snow kill Peeta?
If Snow did kill Peeta, he wouldn’t have any way to hurt Katniss

During Peeta’s recovery in District 13, the recovery team decided to?
Send in delly cartwright to talk to him

Katniss said she wouldn’t have to pretend to be happy about?
Finnick and Annie’s wedding

Johanna had broken down during her test on the block when?
The street was flooded, triggering memories of her torture in the capitol

As the mutts attacked in the sewers, what heightened Katnisss fears?
The smell of roses

After Katniss killed president coin, how did Peeta save Katniss’s life?
He stopped her from reaching the nightlick pill hidden in her sleeve

Back in District 12, Peeta and Haymitch helped when Katniss decided to?
Make a book about all the people she didn’t want to forget.


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