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Target Assessment Test Answers

Target has employment at its stores, distribution centers, corporate offices, and internships. Target strives to provide its employees with career options as well as a pleasant working environment. Throughout the process, Target is dedicated to giving workers excellent benefits and building cohesive teams comprised of people with diverse backgrounds.

Target’s interview questions are typically competency-based, which means they’re designed to test whether you have the skills and knowledge necessary to do the job. So it can be helpful to brush up on Target’s values and policies before your interviews. This will show that you understand what it’s like to work at Target. Additionally, practice answering common interview questions so you feel confident going into your interviews.

Interview Questions

Best Trait
Good with others, picks up details, willing to learn to become a successful team member. I am honest and reliable, careful, and think before I act.
Worst Trait
Spends more time organizing & perfecting than needed.
Why should you work at Target?
As coming here often, I felt as if I had similar personality traits to the workers. They were always smiling, and ready to help. I want to work here because I have great people skills/interaction. I’m always ready to learn and try new things.
I heard about this job by coming through Target, and signing up for Ziprecruitor.
How do you face conflicts?
I would take a moment to breathe and take on the conflict again because I trust myself that I can resolve it. I would ensure that I could take the right steps to correct the safety of myself and the costumers around.
What are your leadership skills?
At Jetè, I am a apprentice, and help out the younger students. I help guide the students to their goals.
What are some of your achievements?
My biggest achievements include “Student of Distinction” from my teachers and principals at the Middle School. I also received a National Honor Society award through my dance studio.
What are your motivations?
My family, friends, and God are my common motivations. Dance motivates me to become a better dancer, and student. It teaches me to grow as a role model, and how to stay on task.
What are your working hours?
Preferably Mornings. Yes, continuing during school. Minimum Wage.
Monday: Any time
Tuesday: Mornings
Wednesday: Mornings
Thursday: Mornings
Friday: Any time
Weekends: Any time
What kind of animal would you want to be and why?
I would be a Dog. Dogs are always ready to get in there, they have big personalities, and are good sports.
What qualities do you look for in employees?
I look for employees to be determined, loyal, and to be a leader. I never want to leave the costumers unsatisfied. I want to feel like a team working with them.
What can you tell me about Target?
It is the 8th-largest retailer in the United States. The employee discount is 10%. There are 39 distribution centers in the US. Credit Card is called “Redcard.” The Redcard saves guests 5% on their purchase. Target has a mobile app called “Cartwheel” that has coupons ranging from 5-50% off certain products. Head quarters are in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
If you saw a coworker steal money from a register, what would you do?
contact a supervisor or call an HR hotline to report it.
If you were counting out your cash register at the end of a shift and discovered you were $2 short, what would you do?
If I found $2 short I would take it out of my paycheck because I believe it is my responsibility to count the money correctly.
If a customer is looking for a product, but is having trouble describing it, what would you do?
If a customer couldn’t remember the name of a product they want to find, I would begin by asking them to describe it as well as they can. That may point me in the right direction to helping them. However, if it isn’t, I would then move on to clarifying questions. For example, I may ask them how they envision using the item or what task they are trying to accomplish. By learning about their goals, I could narrow down the options. If it is still not clear, I would coordinate with my coworkers, especially if someone has expertise in the product category in question. I would stay with the customer to ensure their needs are met, seeking out additional assistance as necessary.
Describe yourself in 3 words
Responsible, Kind, Motivated
What are your management styles?
No procrastinating! Start with small tasks to fit more time in for larger tasks.
What are your future plans?
• Architecture Design
• Masters Degree
• University of Minnesota
What questions should you ask at the end?
What training to employees receive when starting in this job?
Once you started in your position, did you learn anything about Target that surprised you?
What is the biggest challenge new hires need to overcome in this job?
How would you describe a typical day in this role? What about the most extreme day?
What traits do you think are essential for excelling in this position?
Tell me about yourself.

Okay well, hello~

My name is Zandra Phouisangiem. I am 18 years old and am a full-time student attending the University of Minnesota. I am on summer break and am looking for a part-time job. I’ve never actually worked in a retail industry before, so it would be a new experience for me. But I am willing to learn whatever it takes to become a successful team member. And also, it is exactly for the experience that intrigued to want to work here because it would allow me to build the skills of simply being a leader of my own.

In terms of leadership skills, I would consider myself a strategic leader. Such that I can observe and possibly find ways to implement a more innovative way of doing things. I’m someone who thrives in fast paced environments and am very detail-oriented.

I also like to be very organized and on top of things. When I commit to doing something, I can ensure that I will get it done by the deadline, if not, earlier, and it will be done effectively and efficiently.

A lot of my involvement in student groups at school has given me the skills to better communicate with team members especially when working towards a common goal. I also have the skill of individualism where I can draw out the strengths of others and thus build productive teams.

So basically, what I would like to get out of this working here at target, is the experience of working under pressure, gaining the skills of communicating with co-workers, as well as working towards customer service.

Why do you want to work at Target?
– avid customer
– location
– friend, clean environment. things handled in a professional manner
– want to be a part of these group of individuals that work together to continue with the positive image that target has

– lack of confidence

when opportunities arise, i often times question my ability to take on that challenge.

do you know about the target red card // cartwheel?

Cartwheel is a mobile couponing app made specifically for target. There are coupons ranging from 5-50% off certain products.

The Target REDcard is a debit or credit card that can save 5% off the guests’ purchase. You also get an additional month to return items and get free shipping when ordering online from the target website. It’s also in part of Take Charge of Education (TCBE) which donates 1% of transactions made with the red card to a school of their choice.

Tell me about a time you couldn’t reach a goal

— board position. MULTIMEDIA

— ended up running again

Tell me about a time you had to give feedback

– had to make sure they were okay of me giving them honest feedbacks. because i know some team members were uncomfortable.

she asked for a completely honest feedback, and so i did. she was an overall great team member. the only issue was that i think she expected a lot from each and one of us. we were all working very hard, trying to initiate each of our own roles into this event, but it was difficult at times when we each had our own schedules as well. so we can’t always perform in the highest standards that she did.

we all come into this to improve and in order to really improve as an individual and as a teammate, we must accept comments that are only thrown at us

Tell me about a time when you faced a conflict and how you handled it

– i was working in a team of 10 people. we worked together to plan the last event for the school year.

we wanted the event to be exciting, and act as a way to de-stress before the finals, so lots of planning, marketing, and executions were involved

unfortunately, 5 of us have not contributed very much work into this project. for instance, some of them haven’t been very present in meetings, or handled any of the tasks.

what i did to help solve that was to tell them in person, one by one, and ask what was going know school work and such. confusion was actually one of the problems. so i helped to solve their confusion by simply answering all of their questions.

i gave them tasks, had them work together so that they are not handling the tasks on their own.

you know, simply being empathetic and understanding that we do have our own lives. it’s just a matter of how much of the work we are willing to handle and receive that really thrived the whole team

Tell me about a time you went above and beyond into helping someone

Worked at America Reads as a literary mentor

Everyday, I would get to work with different kids. Sometimes I’ll see familiar faces

What I do to make them feel more welcomed is to learn all of their names. I know it’s a simple task to do, but it’s somethings hard for me to do

And also just remembering the little things they tell us. And then asking them about makes them happy and surprised when they know that their mentor was actually listening to them

Also buying and bringing in fruit snacks as a treat for them. You know like a reward for the achievements to accomplished while in school. If they’ve finished their homework, I would give them a bag of fruit snacks

Tell me about a time that you had to involve a higher authority to complete a task

Not knowing how to help tutor medical terminologies when tutoring a mother. I had to ask my supervisor to come help. In the end, we ended up giving the mother a different tutor that was better suited

And I was assigned to work for a different student

Tell me about a time where you adjusted your attitude?

Taking on too many roles in a group

– filmmaking, flyer creation, these sheet of papers

Instead of complaining, I took that work load as a challenge. I also asked my team members whether anyone was willing to help take on a position of my task and one was willing to do so

So basically keeping that positivity going; I knew that complaining wasn’t going anyone. So I took steps that will 1. Be enough for me to handle which was why I allocated some of the tasks 2. Simply changing the mentality that this was what you were willing to do. Take it as a learning experience

Why do you want to work for Target?
I love the products and service of target. Been coming since little and would love to represent them.
What can you tell me about the Target company?
The headquarters are in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Partnered with CVS. Their slogan is: expect more, pay less. George Dayton founded Target and the first store opened in 1962
How would you define customer service? What separates good customer service from bad?
The staff is friendly and always willing to help the customer find what he or she needs.
The customer is not waiting in line for long periods of time at checkout.
The store display is well kept and presented with adequate inventory.
Which of your traits do you think would be your biggest asset if hired in this role?
Friendly, approachable, hardworking, fast learner.
Tell me about a time when you chose to go above and beyond for a customer.
Seen an old lady carrying many items to her car so i offered to help and found out that she had been overcharged. Took her to customer service to resolve the issue. She told me she recently lost her husband and was very thankful for the help. She was a regular and came very often greeting me whenever she saw me and always asked me to ring her out.
Can you tell me about a mistake you made on the job? What did you do to correct it, and what did you learn from the experience?
When I first started I never wanted to ask for help cause I was new and didn’t want to bother anyone, but i started to make mistakes which made things worse. So now I always ask for help when I need it because it helps prevents things from going bad.
If you saw a coworker steal a quarter from a register, what would you do?
Let supervisor know anonymously if possible.
In your opinion, what makes a good team member?
Willingness to help someone, make sure everyone is on the same page, responsible, reliable.
If you were assisting one customer and a second customer came up demanding your attention, what would you do?
Tell them that i’m busy with the existing customer and instruct him where to find another team member or customer service to get immediate attention.
Can you describe a time when you faced an ethical dilemma on the job? How did you handle it?
If a customer was looking for a product that was out of stock, what would you do? What if the product was discontinued?
I would let them know its not available, and tell them I could check other targets to see if they have them. Ask them if there is a similar item that may be in stock.
Tell me about a time when you didn’t agree with a team member. What was the outcome?
Me and a co-worker disagreed on how an unsatisfied customer was dealt with. I spoke to them one on one and we resolved it stating that we both only wanted whats best for the customer.
If two different managers gave you two conflicting priorities, how would you decide what to do?

I believe communication is key in situations like this, so I would constantly update both managers when progress has been made and give them a rough idea of when i’ll be done. So they may be lenient if I don’t finish on time.

Finals week of School/Group Projects

If you were counting out your cash register at the end of a shift and discovered you were $2 short, what would you do?
I would report it to my manager then fill what is lost with my money.
Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond to help a teammate?
If you were in the middle of a high-priority task and noticed a safety issue that poses an immediate risk to customers or coworkers, what would you do?
I would ask surrounding staff if they could fix the safety issue. If not then I would take care of it myself as quickly as possible.
What would you do if an angry customer became verbally abusive?
I would keep in mind my body language and speaking tone and keep calm to prevent escalating the situation further. I would then listen to the customers complaint and rephrasing them and asking clarifying questions to ensure I understand, and trying to find a reasonable resolution. If I cannot find a solution then I would follow company policy.
If a customer is looking for a product, but is having trouble describing it, what would you do?
I would ask them to describe it and tell me its potential uses. If that does not help then I would ask my co-workers for help.
Tell me about a time when you were innovative on the job.
Where do you see yourself in five years?
Why should I hire you?
Experience, flexible hours, work hard, punctual, good communication skills.
What is your greatest weakness?
Too nice at times. Learning to put foot down and speak up.
What is your greatest strength?
Hard working
What motivates you?
Achieving goals that I set for myself. Helping and coaching others, overcoming challenges.
Who are Targets Competitors?
Walmart, Amazon,Home Depot, Kroger, Costco, Kmart, Lowe’s, Sam’s Club, Best Buy, and Aldi.

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