Everlost AR Test Answers

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Shusterman, Neal
AR Quiz No. 109454 EN

After Nick and Allie die in a car accident, they find themselves in Everlost, a realm between life and afterlife for lost souls. While Nick accepts his new reality, Allie refuses to stay trapped and is willing to do anything, including the forbidden act of skinjacking, to break free from limbo.

ATOS Book Level:5.6
Interest Level:Middle Grades Plus (MG+ 6 and up)
AR Points:12.0
Word Count:75471
Topic – Subtopic:Award Winners-VOYA Award/Honor; Award Winners-SLJ Best Book; Health & Wellness-Accidents/Prevention; Life Experiences-Death & Dying; Recommended Reading-YALSA Popular Paperbacks; Recommended Reading-IRA – Young Adults’ Choice; Science Fiction-Other Worlds;
Series:Skinjacker Trilogy;

Quiz Answers

What went wrong while Jix tracked the skinjackets from the ghost train?
a Beast he had furjacked was mistakenly left in a crowd and killed a girl.

Aliie had seen into marys mind and knew that mary had planned to
end the living world by killing everyone and everything

what happened shortly after Mikey and Nick returned to the surface?
the scar within trapped them in a cage

as the attackers approached the ghost train, Milos ordered speedo to
ram the mansion that was blocking the ghost trains path

after the train derailed, Jix rushed to the caboose to
prevent the eastern witch from sinking to the center of the earth

what did Avalon and the neons worship?
an old-fashioned jukebox

after seeing into Benson burners mind, Allie told him she would
get him out of the high-security detention center

what did the details of the Benson high school fire lead Allie to realize?
Seth had no memory of the fire because he had been skin jacked

After Jix sent avalon uptown, Jix and Jill convinced the neons that
He was the son of the jaguar gods

what was on reason Milos mission at the playground failed
Mikey assumed a beastly form and frightened the afterlights

what was one consequence of the squirrel being extinguished by the scar wraith
Mary was jarred back to premature consciousness

which incident caused Jix to realize he had underestimated Mary?
Milos capsized the yacht, sending Jix, Inez and the Neons into the sea.

Jix wanted Jill to get back into Mary’s inner circle so she could
find the real names of Mary skinjackers

why did Milos lose his position of leader of marys skinjacking team?
Allie killed his body and he lost his ability to skinjack

After being found guilty of treason and high crimes–
bound to the body of a pig

The Supreme King of the Middle Realm had the power of

in the Mayan kings realm, coins were being used to–
make a satue in the image of king yax

Mary was drawn to a dead spot in New mexico where
the first atomic bomb was tested

Milos touched the scar wraith and sacrificed his existence to–
wake up the new skinjackers who were still asleep

What did NOT happen after Clarence detonated The Gadget?
Allies body died, she became an after light


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