Esperanza AR Test Answers

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Duey, Kathleen
AR Quiz No. 75016 EN

During a storm that separated them from their herd, Esperanza and Strider, two untamed horses, embark on a journey to discover the secure and lush valley they have been dreaming of.

ATOS Book Level:5.3
Interest Level:Middle Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Points:3.0
Word Count:17854
Topic – Subtopic:Animals-Horses; Interpersonal Relationships-Friendship; Seasons/Weather-Winter;
Series:Spirit of the Cimarron;

Quiz Answers

Esperanza was happy when it was grape harvest time because
It meant her birthday and fiesta were coming

Which of these occurred after mama refused Tio Luiss proposal?
The house and grapevines were burned

Mama said she was embarrassed on the train when Esperanza
Scorned the little girl who wanted to touch her doll

Why was Marta rude to Esperanza when they met?
Her father fought in a revolution against landowners like Esperanza’s papa.

What surprise did Miguel and Alfonso have for Esperanza and mama?
They brought roses from the ranch to plant behind the cabin

What happened the first day Esperanza alone took care of papa and Lupe?
the babies became sick from raw plums Esperanza had fed them

Mama became ill with valley fever when
Dust spores got into her lungs during a storm

Esperanza wanted to find work so she could
Bring abuelita to Mama

How did Esperanza help Marta during an immigration sweep?
She gave Marta an apron and asparagus to make her look like a worker

Why was Esperanza angry with Miguel before he returned with Abuelita
He had taken Esperanza’s money orders


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