What Is The Answer To Level 124 On The Brain Test?

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Brain Test Level 124 Answer – We need 5 actors for our movie, who will not to get a callback.

Game: Brain Test

Level: 124 – We need 5 actors for our movie, who will not to get a callback.

Answer: Tap on the youngster in the top left with a wig.

Video Walkthrough

Brain games like Brain Test are designed to exercise your mind and test your problem-solving abilities. While some levels may seem impossible at first, there is usually a logical explanation for the solution. If you get stuck on a level, don’t give up! Take a break and come back later with fresh eyes. You may be surprised at how easy the solution is once you’ve had some time to think about it.

Level 124 on Brain Test is a perfect example of this. At first glance, it may seem like there is no possible way to solve the puzzle. However, if you take a closer look, you’ll see that the boy in the top left corner is wearing a wig. Tapping on him will reveal the answer to the puzzle.

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