A Court of Mist and Fury AR Test Answers

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Maas, Sarah J.
AR Quiz No. 183296 EN

Despite possessing the powers of the High Fae, Feyre’s heart still beats with human emotion. As she maneuvers through the intricate and treacherous political landscape of the Night Court, brimming with passion and formidable power, a more ominous threat looms on the horizon. Please note that the plot includes instances of profanity, sexual situations, and violence.

ATOS Book Level:5.9
Interest Level:Upper Grades (UG 9-12)
AR Points:30.0
Rating:Not yet rated.
Word Count:186220
Topic – Subtopic:Adventure-Adventurers; Award Winners-CBC Children’s Choice Book Award; Fantasy/Imagination-Fairies; Romance-Romance (All);
Series:Court of Thorns and Roses;

Quiz Answers

  1. He had heard her through the bond, begging to be rescued.
  2. Learning to read and to create mental shields.
  3. She gave some of her jewelry to a starving water-wraith who could…
  4. Tamlin put up a magical shield to trap Feyre in the house and
  5. They had dinner with his Inner Circle at the House of Wind.
  6. Find out how the king of Hybern was planning to resurrect
  7. By reuniting the two halves of the Book of breathing
  8. Sapphire ring that his mother had given him
  9. She became angry at Rhys and…
  10. …water and shape creates out of it
  11. The door slammed shut, and the chamber began to flood with
  12. Sending blood rubies to declare the offenders had prices on
  13. Azriel stole the veritas orb from Mor’s father’s chambers
  14. She was splattered on the face with pale green light that
  15. Manifested a set of Illyrian wings
  16. The suriel told her when she trapped it after Rhys
  17. She found painting supplies and painted every room
  18. The golden queen secretly left it beneath her chair during a
  19. Shot Azriel with a poisoned ash bolt and threatened to make him
  20. She pretended Rhys had been controlling her and willingly went.


100% Correct. Points 30.0; 20 of 20 correct.


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