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5.3.8 Higher / Lower 2.0 CodeHS Answers

The most popular answer is:

magic_number = 3.3312

# Ask user to enter a number until they guess correctly
# When they guess the right answer, break out of loop
while True:
    guess = float(input("Guess my number: "))
    if round(guess, 4) == round(magic_number, 4):  # Ensure the comparison is done with the same number of decimal places
        break  # Exit the loop once the correct number is guessed
    elif guess > magic_number:
        print("Too high!")
        print("Too low!")

# Print this sentence once the number has been guessed
print("Great job guessing my number!")

This program prompts the user to guess a predefined magic number with decimal places (3.3312) and provides feedback on whether their guess is too high, too low, or correct.

It uses round with 4 decimal places for both the user’s guess and the magic number to ensure accurate comparison of floating-point numbers. Once the user guesses the correct number, it breaks out of the loop and congratulates the user.

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