TestOut 9.4.6 Practice Questions

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Click on all of the virtual and physical machines that virtual os1 can communicate with
Virtual OS2
Virtual OS3
You need to provice DHCP and file share services to a physical network. These services should be deployed using virtualization. Which type of virtualization should you implement?
Virtual Servers
Virtual OS1 can communicate with the following machines
Virtual OS3
All Physical OS’s
You are an application developer. You use a hypervisor with multiple virtual machines installed to test your applications on various operating system versions and editions.
Currently, all of your testing virtual machines are connected to the production network through the hypervisor’s network interface.
However, you are concerned that the latest application you are working on could adversely impact other network hosts if errors exist in the code.
To prevent this, you decide to isolate the virtual machines from the production network. However, they still need to be able to communicate directly with each other. What should you do?

Create a new virtual switch configured for host-only (internal) networking.

Connect the virtual network interfaces in the virtual machines to the virtual switch.

Match the virtualization feature on the right with the appropriate description on the left.

Flexability – Moving virtual machines between hypervisor hosts.

Testing – Verifying that security controls are working as designed.

Server consolidation – Performing a physical-to-virtual migration (P2V)

Sandboxing – Isolating a virtual machine from the physical network.

You are responsible for maintaining Windows workstation operating systems in your organization. Recently, an update from Microsoft was automatically installed on your workstations that caused an in-house application to stop working.
To keep this from happening again, you decide to test all updates on a virtual machine before allowing them to be installed on production workstations.
Currently, none of your testing virtual machines have a network connection. However, they need to be able to connect to the update servers at Microsoft to download and install updates.What should you do?

-Create a new virtual switch configured for bridged (external) networking

-Connect the virtual network interfaces in the virtual machines to the virtual switch

What key advantage does a virtual router have over a physical router?
Multiple networks can be connected to a single interface
You want to be able to monitor and filter VM-to-VM traffic within a virtual network.
What should you do?
Implement a virtual firewall within the hypervisor.
Which of the following statements about virtual NICs are true?
select 2

Multiple virtual nics can be added to a virtual machine

virtual nics need the appropriate driver installed to function.

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