Select One Of The Three Core Capabilities That Spans All Mission Areas?

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Select one of the three core capabilities that spans all Mission Areas?

A. Operational Coordination

B. Search and Rescue

C. Physical Protective Measures

D. Fire Fighting


Operational Coordination is one of the three core capabilities that spans all Mission Areas. The other three are Public Information, Warning, and Planning.

Planning: Engage the entire community in a systematic manner while developing executable strategic, operational, and/or tactical-level strategies to achieve set goals.

Public Information and Warning: Deliver clear, consistent, accessible, and culturally and linguistically appropriate methods to effectively convey information regarding any hazard or threat, as well as the actions being taken and the assistance being provided, as appropriate.

Operational Coordination: Establish an operational structure that is unified and coordinated, as well as a process for integrating all key stakeholders and executing core abilities.

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