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I Obey The Law More Often If There’s A Chance That I Might Get Caught.

I obey the law more often if there is a chance that I might get caught.

  • Not at all true
  • Slightly true
  • Somewhat true
  • Mostly true
  • Very true


Not at all true. Not true at all – as you wish.


This question assesses your inclination to follow regulations and rules even if they aren’t being watched or supervised. If you agree with this statement, the potential employer would most likely see you in an unfavorable light.

In an interview, you should respond to this question with a firm “disagree.”

Humans are social creatures that coexist with one another, thus they require rules to control the trend of excessive human conduct, which may be harmful to the community or others.

If humans lived in a chaotic society, it would be impossible for them to function as a group. Humans who live without the law will lose their patience with others, leading to disorder or conflict. So will humans that abandon tolerance.

When people obey the law, there will be a generalization, respect for others. And tolerance in society will develop, as well as a balance in which one community’s lifestyle does not negatively impact another community’s way of life.

The three reasons people follow the law are:

  • In order to comply with the requisites of the law, society must also develop an internal and external compliance system. Internal and external compliance systems are necessary for people to comply with rules and regulations put in place by a government.
  • Identification, which is the process of determining if a country’s laws are followed and whether or not the rule of law exists because it has an emotional appeal.
  • This is a type of internalization in which someone follows the laws of the state because it is in their own best interest.

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