Before The Renaissance Virtually All Dramas Focused On

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Before the Renaissance, virtually all dramas focused on

A. religious themes.

B. life-and-death plots.

C. family relationships.

D. the human condition.


Before the Renaissance, virtually all dramas focused on religious themes.

It wasn’t until the Renaissance that secular themes began appearing on stage with any frequency. This was due in part to changes in society at the time, which placed a greater emphasis on individualism and personal achievement. As a result, plays began to focus on more humanistic themes, such as love, betrayal, and power.

Today, there are many different types of drama, from comedies and tragedies to musicals and operas. But no matter what type of drama you enjoy, you can trace its roots back to the Renaissance. So next time you watch a play or movie, remember that you’re enjoying a form of entertainment that has been around for centuries! Thanks for reading.

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