Which Of The Following Personally Owned Peripherals Can You Use With Government Furnished Equipment?

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Which of the following personally owned peripherals can you use with government furnished equipment?

Correct answer: A headset with a microphone through a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port.

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Explanation and Description:

In the context of using government-furnished equipment (GFE), which typically includes computers and other electronic devices provided by a government entity for official use, there are specific guidelines regarding using personally-owned computer peripherals.

These guidelines aim to ensure security and compatibility with the GFE.

Among the various types of peripherals that individuals might consider using, a headset with a microphone that connects via a USB port is often permitted. This is because:

  1. Security Risks: USB-connected headsets generally pose minimal security risks compared to other peripherals. They do not have storage capabilities and thus, are less likely to be a source of malware or data breaches.
  2. Functionality: Headsets with microphones are essential for communication, especially in remote working environments or during virtual meetings. They provide clear audio input and output, which is crucial for effective communication.
  3. Compatibility: USB ports are standard on most GFE, making USB headsets widely compatible. This universal compatibility reduces the likelihood of technical issues or the need for additional software or drivers.

It’s important to note that while USB headsets are generally permitted, other personally owned peripherals might not be allowed due to higher security risks or compatibility issues.

Always consult the specific policies of the government entity providing the equipment for detailed guidelines on what is or isn’t permitted.

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