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Which of the following sentences expresses the main idea of the article?There are physical and psychological reasons why some people are thrill-seekers.
In the first paragraph, the author
presents a roller coaster ride in
order to

A. illustrate the appeal and
effects of an enjoyable scare
B. emphasize that not all people
are afraid to ride roller
C. demonstrate how extreme
heights affect the body
D. reveal why roller coasters are
the preferred activity of thrill-
illustrate the appeal and
effects of an enjoyable scare
Which phrase from the passage
helps you understand the meaning
of the word hazards?

A. these reactions
B. priming them
C. life-threatening
How are thrill-seekers and those who avoid scary experiences different?Thrill-seekers prefer a higher level of excitement.
Relationship that takes place in the article?Fear causes hormones to be released in order to prepare the body to react to danger.
What best supports tre noton trat
feeling safe is the key difference
between true terror and a satisfying
A. Some fans of frightful fun view
it as a way to test their limits
and learn about themselves.
B. These reactions helped early
humans survive life-
threatening hazards by priming
them to fight or take flight.
C. Maybe that sounds familiar
(and fun!), or maybe you’re not
a roller coaster fan, but one
thing is certain-some people
love to be scared.
D. These experiences are unlikely to cause physical harm.
These experiences are unlikely to cause physical harm.
Which is the closest synonym for
the word vanquish, as it is used in
the article?
A. postpone
B. await
C. conquer
D. resist
This article would be most useful
as a source for a student research
project on the
A. usefulness of fear
B. methods of conquering fear
C. importance of togetherness
D. dangers of thrill-seeking
usefulness of fear

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