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Researchers Designing Online Studies Should Consider The Following With Respect To Participant Protections.

The correct answer is: with respect to participant protections.

Researchers endeavoring to conduct an online study should consider that there are some potential risks of harm to subjects unique to Internet-based research.

Research investigators shall comply with all IRB decisions, conditions, and requirements.

When study participants post private, identifying information about themselves online, they probably don’t intend for it to be public information that researchers can access. Therefore, researchers need to be cautious about this potential problem.

The following are key considerations for online studies:

  • Informed consent should be obtained from all participants.
  • The study procedures should be clearly explained to all participants.
  • Participants should be aware of the study’s risks and benefits.
  • Participants should be allowed to ask questions about the study before deciding whether or not to participate.
  • The confidentiality of participants’ information should be maintained throughout the study.
  • The data collected during the study should be stored securely and only accessed by those who need to know it.

What is not included in a CITI training module that trains researchers in the protection of human subjects?

a. A brief history of research
b. Key ethical principles
c. Quizzes that test understanding of each section
d. Specific recommendations for how researchers should design their studies

What is considered exempt research in the context of the IRB?
a. Work evaluating educational practices in established educational settings.
b. Research for the immediate good of society.
c. Work evaluating medical practices in hospital settings.
d. Research using non-human subjects, i.e., animals.

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